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Conversation Between Bodangles and Parkerktm
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  1. Parkerktm
    09-15-2008 12:49 AM
    lolololol, whatever. I'm not going to continue to waste my time talking to you, you obviously don't like me for whatever reason and i don't care.

    And sorry for calling u a fag in your photo, that was pretty low of me.
  2. Parkerktm
    09-14-2008 10:26 PM
    God you're boring. I fail? The fact that you "occasionally" hop on the site during social time is epic fail. You help people and referred 2-3 people! HE INCREASED THE POPULATION BY LESS THAN 1/25TH OF 1 PERCENT! Ignorant statement? You seem to patrol the place like you're in some position of power. Are you? And the other people that post "alot" aren't mindless hypocrites. You help people with their* guides? How? What guide(s) have you written? You're not there to help their grammar, that's for sure. Submit over 70 pictures? Who says they haven't already been submitted? Who says they even matter? Donated money? How much? I've donated over 100 dollars, so any figure you want to throw out there is useless. And finally, those you help? Or do you mean those you aid and abet because they fail to follow basic forum rules? Anybody can get their post count up by posting links and spamming. Don't call it "help".

    Son, you need to grow up. Please tell me how i'm a hypocrite? Please show me proof of being hypocritical and spamming.

    YOu are by far an ignorant teenager that needs to grow up, and how exactly is class time social time. Last i knew you were not suppose to talk once finished with a test, but then again......

    I wrote a RSV2 guide, that was overlooked because a better one was submitted. My guide was still A material, but someone else beat me to the punch with a A+ guide and submitted it before me.

    You know, atleast i hop on this site to help others and not create conflict, listen to yourself, all you've done is hammer me and make complete bullshit up?

    Are you trying to boost your self confidence or are you just jealous because i have more posts then you, and i'm just an all around better site member?
  3. Parkerktm
    09-14-2008 07:59 PM
    What does me posting frequently have to do with anything. I don't see you hating on the other people that post all, and the only reason i have been posting a lot lately is because i got an iphone, so during classes or late at night i usually hop on. I never once thought i was significant because i frequently post, that is by far the most ignorant statement ever.

    As for contributing? You sure about that? Thats why i answer peoples questions everyday, help people with there guides, have referred 2-3 people, have submitted over 70 achievement pictures in the last 3 days, made an achievement guide and donated money.

    Your right, i've done nothing to this site.

    Sorry to say but you fail in every part of your comment, why are you in this again? Just wondering?

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