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Conversation Between UberPirateNinja and KillerBEA
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  1. KillerBEA
    07-04-2013 08:45 PM
    You can still drop on him, its a little harder though.

    For the fight I liked sticking near an off position near his butt. Its harder for him to swing at you. The the thing that can ruin that idea is his butt slam attack, but thats easy to dodge if you can see it coming. He only has 3 or 4 attacks, and are pretty easy to read.

    Once you get the area beyond the asylum area and reach Lordran go right not left lol The Skeletons in the graveyard would be too much.

    The pause thing bothered me too, luckily I didn't have any family stuff going on when I was plying that game and no school or work so I could just focus on it.
  2. UberPirateNinja
    07-04-2013 01:57 PM
    Yeah, I got that far, did the drop onto the Demon Guy, took around half of his health, but then I died. Every time I went back there after that, he was back at full health and was waiting for me so couldn't drop down onto him. I may well have missed something there

    I'll get there, I can see this game is gonna need some serious time to get the best out of it, and I don't generally get that much time ( stupid real life getting in the way of games! Lol). In the evenings after work and sorting the kids out, I generally wanna play something I can chill out with. I'll give Dark Souls another go on my next free weekend. Oh, and the lack of a pause function I don't like much either, but I suppose that adds to the whole 'you will die' aspect.

    Any other tips for a noob?
  3. KillerBEA
    07-04-2013 11:45 AM
    In response to your comment on the Dark Souls 2 article:

    Do you still have the broken weapon as your only weapon? If you do then when the fight starts run to the left, there will be a door way to go through. Once you are through that doorway you get your proper weapon and shield, plus depending on your class a few extra things.

    Once you have gone through the rest of the asylum getting your weapon, shield, a key and an estus flask. Go up where rolling boulder came from beat the guys and go outside beat more guys and to the left is a white fog wall. Go through and you will back at the asylum demon but above him. Drop on him and while you are dropping press the heavy atk button (rt) to do a falling attack. It does alot of damage.

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