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Conversation Between Jakez123 and KillerBEA
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  1. Jakez123
    05-21-2014 01:37 AM
    Honestly Rapture told me to put that there since it best represents me.
  2. KillerBEA
    05-21-2014 01:29 AM
    lol at your custom user title.
  3. KillerBEA
    05-13-2014 11:04 PM
    I need to finish the DLC guide for Naruto Storm 3 and the expert guide for the new Yu-gi-oh game.
  4. Jakez123
    05-13-2014 10:59 PM
    So what other guides do you need to follow up and finish out of interest? Didn't really make sense for me to reply in the CT thread so I might aswell do it here. Kinda funny as I'm writing this msg I just saw you pop up on xbox live lol.
  5. KillerBEA
    04-20-2014 06:05 AM
    We agree on somethings, just not most things.
  6. Jakez123
    04-20-2014 05:13 AM
    lol, me and you are never going to agree on fairy tail xD
  7. Jakez123
    04-06-2014 04:46 AM
    Yea, tell me about it, I'm still kinda angry about the whole Gray incident.
  8. KillerBEA
    04-06-2014 04:22 AM
    I don't disagree with you about the plot armor at this point. Major characters need to die at some point. It develops the remaining characters more and makes failure seem like an actual option.
  9. Jakez123
    04-06-2014 04:12 AM
    Sorry, I still don't get it. I understand that there's a possibility for the future to change, But when Charla has a vision, they have to do something to change the future, they accepted their fate and decided to blow themselves up, yet the future changed when they accepted their fate? Make no sense to me. I'm just calling that Plot armour, you know how he HATES killing off characters, look at characters like Lector, Makarov or even that faggot who was standing in Lava.

    People need to start dying man, and no,, not talking about the bad guys or random characters.
  10. KillerBEA
    04-06-2014 04:02 AM
    The point is, that the possibility exists for the future to be changed.

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