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Conversation Between THC BLUNTED and Blueprotoss
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  1. Blueprotoss
    08-13-2011 12:50 AM
    You clearly need to realize that the Tea Party is a very small group that doesn't know what they're talking about especially with Sarah Palin and Sarah Bachmann rewriting American History. We need to pay for the debt because we alreday spent that money while you can't make that much money as a nation because the only way is to tax the rich, which that would cause job growth. The Tea Party don't want a budget because all they want to is cause Anarchy. Medicare and Social Security are government programs that fall under Socialism, which is what most of the Western Governments fall under. Communism doesn't work especially when you can't stop some of the plitcians from abusing their power. I didn't say that Dictatorship is Socialism while you assumed that by yourself, but Dictatorship usually falls under Capitalism.

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