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Conversation Between CoregBlue1 and hydrosugar
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  1. hydrosugar
    06-13-2013 08:20 AM
    I've come close a few times, but it's never taken me all the way. Could do with a buff. I think Sonic's is the best, it's the only reason I like using him. Snake's is good too. Do things right and you can get 5KO's, usually a minimum of 3. But yeah, only one of Lucas/Ness's lights has to hit you to KO you. Pain in the ass lol.

    I've played a little HRC. Not for a few years though, as I don't have the game anymore, and only play Brawls at friends houses. I liked it better in Melee. Since there was no barrier you had to be more careful with your strategy. In brawl even bad characters can throw the bat at the bag over and over and get a decent score. In Melee it always came down to the characters individual attacks, which is more interesting. And I liked how Roy's charge attack was stronger than the home-run bat itself.
  2. CoregBlue1
    06-12-2013 01:46 PM
    thats right but marios dragged me out quite a few times. i doesnīt do much damage if you are caught in the middle you literally get dragged out of the stage with the super. depending on the map iīd say lucas and nesī super moves are the most powerful. you can shield dodge a few meteors but all of them is kinda luck based and if you get cought you will most likely bounce off to another and goodbye.

    also really excited for story mode, it was so good in brawl. btw you play HRC? i used to play it with one of my friends over years and the highest we have is 8261 meters or something but we stopped since pulling off a strategy for this perfectly took us several months.
  3. hydrosugar
    06-12-2013 12:25 PM
    I've played the series so much that random isn't a problem for me either. But we tend to either go random vs random, or choose character vs choose character. Nah, I don't use Pokemon trainer. My mains in Brawl are Pikachu, Jigglypuff and Toon Link. The first two mainly because I like Pokemon, and Toon Link because he is beast as I'm sure you know. Jigglypuff was apparently nerfed hardcore from Melee to Brawl, but I use her way more in Brawl.

    Yeah, Peach's final smash is useless lol. When I'm Peach I only get the smash ball so someone else doesn't use theirs. It's also funny how bad Mario's is. Seriously, I have never been KO'd by it. It's easy to dodge, and even if it does hit you it doesn't do much. Luigi's is so much better.
  4. CoregBlue1
    06-12-2013 11:19 AM
    yeah i am so excited to see the new characters, i hope shulk from xenoblades and horror kid from majoras mask are in since those 2 where way ahead of all the others in the smash bros character poll (horror kid won though).

    honestly we always pick random but iīd say my main is toon link, i am pretty deadly with him, i also love playing as lucario. a friend of mine playes a jigglypuff that is out of this world, he always and i mean ALWAYS hits with the fucking down b move.

    if you also want to know which character i hate it would be peach, i love flashy supers and her super is soooooooooooo bad, i am really pissed when i get her and mostly i get her like 3 times in a row when picking random lol. your main is pokemon trainer?
  5. hydrosugar
    06-12-2013 11:05 AM
    Yeah I've been holding out for Smash Bros/Mario Kart myself. I might not have to get it on Wii U though, as pretty much all my friends will, and I go to their house anyway. I don't even have a Wii, but I still regularly meet up with friends and play Brawl. You have a main in Brawl?

    I was pretty surprised about the Wii Fit character too. Man that trailer was funny. But it does look like she'll fit in nicely.
  6. CoregBlue1
    06-12-2013 09:17 AM
    100% Wii U. i decided on the Wii U release that i buy it if Mario Kart, Smash Bros or a new Zelda is released whatever comes first. i just want to sit in front of my TV with my buddys and have a great time again. hell i am still playing brawl when a friend is visiting me.

    also i am pretty excited for monoliths new game since i loved xenoblade. i will get a 3DS either way when a link to the past 2 is released but smash bros only wii u for me. checking the website everyday, pretty suprised about Wii Fit coach as character, didnīt saw that coming.
  7. hydrosugar
    06-11-2013 11:54 PM
    I didn't watch it live as I had to study/sleep, but I watched it first thing after waking up. They may as well just take my money now. I already have a 3DS, so I'll probably get it on that. Might be getting a Wii U some time down the line. What are you getting it on?
  8. CoregBlue1
    06-11-2013 06:47 PM
    you saw the new smash bros trailer from the direct E3 nintendo stream? damn i canīt wait for this.

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