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Conversation Between duckydan and Marx0r
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  1. Marx0r
    01-04-2009 11:13 PM
    It's really not on the DVD? That sucks... at least it'll be available. I assume it'll be free on the site, right? I was kind of hoping to see it on a screen that's bigger than 15"...

    And midnight showings would be the shit.
  2. duckydan
    01-04-2009 06:10 AM
    Darren said the extra content will be posted on the website because it's his fault it's not on the dvd (he said he missed the deadline to add the content).

    He was cool... shared a few stories about how it was made and the like and why and how they did certain edits.

    I'm hoping they do midnite showings like Rocky Horror used to... he said it is up for discussion and the way the people dressed up already for the show I went to it can truely be something...

    Finally, I see you removed the santa hat (although doubtful many on this board will recognize him anyway)
  3. Marx0r
    01-04-2009 04:34 AM
    Oh, you lucky bastard.

    The theater I went to was right above Penn Station in NYC, every 5 minutes the place shook. Didn't distract me from the movie after a while, but annoying nevertheless. They moved the theater, but by the time I could get back out to the city they ended the showing altogether.

    I've been contemplating buying a Blu-Ray just for Repo. 4 extra hours of content ftw.
  4. duckydan
    01-04-2009 03:45 AM
    I think it's the santa hat... plus most people look at yoru gamer pic (your avatar) and not the site avatar.

    That said I also cannot wait until the 22nd I saw it in theaters once with Terrance, Darren, and Paul Sorvino presenting it and giving a Q&A
  5. Marx0r
    01-03-2009 09:42 PM
    That would make you the first person I've met that's even heard of the movie. Damn limited release, forcing me to only see it once in theaters. I can't wait until the 22nd though, going to be watching the DVD for days on end.

    P.S. - I doubt anyone's ever going to pick it up besides me, I've had this avatar for close to a month and nothing.
  6. duckydan
    01-03-2009 04:30 PM
    Goddamn Marx0r... I thought it would be months before someone picked up that reference... yes it is a Repo reference
  7. Marx0r
    01-03-2009 01:36 PM
    So, I was clicking around random FoF lists when I was bored last night... Is your XBL motto a Repo! reference?

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