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Conversation Between Khaos and Jdm
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  1. Jdm
    04-27-2009 07:26 AM
    Happy Birthday, Khaos...I mean KOTOR!
  2. Jdm
    11-16-2008 11:18 PM

    So what happens if a human steps into that little area?
  3. Khaos
    11-16-2008 03:07 AM
    I was watching "How it's Made" on the discovery channel like a month ago, and they showed a modern farm, there was like this sliding blade thing across the ground that constantly scraped the floor, and the cows were able to milk themselves by wandering over into this little area and a sensor sets off this robot that milks the cow, it was amazing, and amazingly clean
  4. Jdm
    11-15-2008 09:36 PM
    I can imagine it's dirty. We have a place called "Cow Palace" here in the city. Before it was auctioned off, the name was exactly what it is...a place for cows. I remember going there on a field trip when I was young and there was cow poop EVERYWHERE. Damn place stinks like hell!
  5. Khaos
    11-15-2008 02:56 PM
    No, I have never gone cow tipping. When I was 16 I worked on a farm for about 2 weeks, and I realized it was a very dirty place and I never came back.
  6. Jdm
    11-15-2008 06:58 AM
    I doubt they're very happy if they know where they're headed to. =/

    Have you ever pushed over a cow?
  7. Khaos
    11-15-2008 06:46 AM
    Hey man, you've got your own. You're from California, all your cows are supposed to be happy, or at least that's what the commercials say.
  8. Jdm
    11-15-2008 06:40 AM
    How about you just give me the whole cow?
  9. Khaos
    11-15-2008 06:33 AM
    I know, I'm just having a bit of fun with you. Well, seeing as I live in Wisconsin, I'm going to guess and say this is where the ice cream is, since we make an obscene amount of milk, and it's always cold
  10. Jdm
    11-15-2008 06:07 AM
    Night and I are playing nice.

    Now where's that ice cream?

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