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Conversation Between jmowen and 360fanman
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  1. jmowen
    09-20-2010 11:06 PM
    Hey dude how's it going? I'm going to get another sports game pretty soon and was wondering if Madden was any good?
  2. 360fanman
    08-01-2010 10:36 PM
    Alright I'll be boosting with you when you're ready . I'm purchasing it.
  3. jmowen
    07-27-2010 04:18 AM
    I'll be renting it. Not sure when though. Probably after the TSL competition ends.
  4. 360fanman
    07-26-2010 04:04 PM
    Are you getting MAdden NFL 11 for ps3? I was just wondering cause there's rumors that the two secret trophies are win 20 online games and 10 online games in a row.
  5. jmowen
    07-24-2010 06:01 AM
    Thanks. It's been tough work being a director.

    I wasn't permabanned. Only banned for two days. You should be fine if you have a good strategy.
  6. 360fanman
    07-16-2010 02:34 AM
    Congrats on becoming the TSL director
  7. 360fanman
    07-07-2010 07:19 PM
    Yea, I got banned. I'm not going to join again until around September/October. Maybe by then they've forgotten about me. They keep seeing that I'm the one posting at my ip address. and that's stupid you got perma banned from PSN for boosting mlb 10 trophies. I'm kinda scared to boost now.

    Did they ban just you your username or did they ban your whole IP address? I've been good beside the fact they still won't let me back
  8. jmowen
    07-04-2010 05:50 PM
    Lol, you got banned again? Did you set up another account?

    Yeah, I got banned from PSN. Guess what for... Yeah, for boosting MLB 10 trophies.

    How ya been dude. I don't visit this site that much as you can tell so sorry about just replying.
  9. 360fanman
    06-24-2010 02:03 PM
    Dude why'd you get banned from PSN?
  10. 360fanman
    06-22-2010 09:37 PM
    I got banned again from

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