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Conversation Between TacticalTodger and StayonTarget
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  1. StayonTarget
    10-10-2012 10:59 PM
    Yeah they are.
  2. TacticalTodger
    10-10-2012 04:03 PM
    Oh I totally understand the love hate relationship, sometimes the bloody things don't shut up lol, just out of interest do you have your parrot's wing clipped? I was thinking about doing mine but I don't want to make it hate me.
  3. StayonTarget
    10-09-2012 10:43 PM
    It's a neat bird that's for sure. But it's a love hate relationship. Do I like the bird of the ability to hear more?
  4. TacticalTodger
    10-09-2012 03:02 PM
    Well I'm not too sure how to stop them from making that screech noise, I guess whenever freddie does it I tend to spray water at him or cover him up, although the water thing has got to beyond a joke where he thinks he's actually taking a bath now and says "Want a bath" as I'm doing it. Parrots are awesome glad we got one .
  5. StayonTarget
    10-07-2012 11:28 PM
    Yeah she talks and quite often too. But the hear piercing noise is so horrible...
  6. TacticalTodger
    10-07-2012 11:01 PM
    Haha no problem man :P I got to say it's well hidden I don't even know how I came across it I was drunk and felt I was being smart in the settings or something. But yeah Freddie is a noisy parrot, I mean luckily he'll only talk most of the time, but as the xbox is in the same room he always does the turn on noise, eject button whenever I even start the xbox, but none the less he's cool and as we got him when he was only 4 months old he's extremely friendly. Does your parrot talk at all? Or is it just those horrible ear bleeding noises only?
  7. StayonTarget
    10-07-2012 06:00 AM
    *Mother of god meme*

    Wow. I would have never, ever, figured that out myself. Thanks. Also, you have an African Grey? We have one that's like 15 year old and all it does is chrip and screech. Like ear ringing chirping. It's so damn annoying.
  8. TacticalTodger
    10-07-2012 03:04 AM
    Tools > Options > Privacy Settings > Show Advanced Options > Tick the "Allow my online status to be shown on the web" Took me around 3 years to figure out as well.
  9. StayonTarget
    10-07-2012 02:49 AM
    How the crap did you get your Skype thing on x360a to show up as something? I've had mine linked forever and it always shows it as offline.

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