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Conversation Between hydrosugar and One Winged Joker
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  1. One Winged Joker
    05-02-2013 04:59 PM
    One Winged Joker
    Troy Baker is really good at VA, indeed. You know that when you go through an entire game and you don't realize whose the main character's voice is until you see the credits. Well, or the guy playing the guitar during the credits, haha. It took me that long to realize Booker DeWitt was voiced by the same guy who voiced Yuri.

    Hahaha, it seems that way! Hope Xillia sells well so they can feel a little bit more "generous". XD
  2. hydrosugar
    04-28-2013 03:14 AM
    I love how Yuri's voice changes when he says to eat them with care. "Eat them with care ok...OR. I. WILL. END. YOU." XD Judith seems to be the only one that can scare Yuri, because she's even crazier than he is with battles.

    I don't have a PS3, but it is just like Japan to give themselves a sequel before giving the original to everyone else. XD
  3. One Winged Joker
    04-27-2013 06:46 PM
    One Winged Joker
    Now that I watch that scene... I remember it, but since English isn't my mother language, now I think I didn't get it, 3 years ago. Yuri's love-filled croquettes... Hahahaha, Rita's reaction is priceless! Judith's either TOO innocent, or plainly nasty. XD And yeah, I found "The First Strike" to be quite good. I should look for Tales of Symphonia OVAs one of these days.

    Boy, all this Tales chitchat is rising my hype for Xillia up.
  4. hydrosugar
    04-24-2013 09:26 AM
    You have to have a real shortage of fucks to give to ignore someone as batshit insane as Zagi. XD Raven's hilarious. He's funny in a lot of the skits too. Same can be said about Yuri. I especially liked this one.

    I loved that "ooh" scene. I watched that clip before the movie (I played the game first), and it was part of why I just had to watch it. It's hard to pass on more for Yuri being awesome. Barfight was great too.
  5. One Winged Joker
    04-23-2013 11:05 PM
    One Winged Joker
    Yuri also had that tiny, awesome bit of stupidity.

    And Flynn had his badass moments too, hahaha!
  6. One Winged Joker
    04-23-2013 10:47 PM
    One Winged Joker
    Hahahaha, Yuri, you ironic, cocky bastard. Remember when he met the Don? This is a good sketch of the face he had: I knew I was going to love the man the very night I started the game, almost four years ago, when Zagi entered Flynn's room roaring and smashing the furniture, and Yuri didn't even look at the guy. I haven't liked a Tales character so much since Kratos Aurion. Voice acting and facial expressions were outstanding as well.

    I liked to use Raven every once on a while, too...
  7. hydrosugar
    04-23-2013 09:33 PM
    Though Yuri is just that little more badass. He won the Namco popularity polls 3 times running, and is 14 separate types of badass according to TV Tropes. I like this quote from Yuri to Flynn. "You can't deny that lives were saved because those bastards [i.e., Ragou and Cumore] were put down! You'd rather tell people, 'sorry you have to die today, I promise we'll change things soon'."

    I think I just Raven for healer when Estelle wasn't available. I had Karol in my party initially, but after using him myself he never got a spot again. XD I mean you see Judith jumping all over the place kicking ass, and Karol lugging his big stupid bag around just seems awful in comparison.
  8. One Winged Joker
    04-23-2013 06:39 PM
    One Winged Joker
    Indeed. Although I think Flynn understands Yuri's attitude towards the acknowledgment of his heroics. It's not like Flynn is any more arrogant than Yuri is. They're two extraordinary, selfless young men.

    Hahaha, Tales games use to have some of those scenes. Captain Karol was definitely the best option for that one. I have to say though, I hated to play as him (he was the very definition of slowness ), but he turned out to be an effective CPU healer. Estelle, she either couldn't care less about my orders, or she went crazy throwing away every single SP by casting the most expensive spells to heal scratches. Karol was physically slow and mentally retarded, but he endured at the vanguard and he had some useful on-the-spot healing artes. I discovered this later on in the game during my second run, but since the moment I decided to kept him attached to Yuri's back, Yuri's HP became less of a problem. He also slammed some bitches to the back of beyond, from time to time.
  9. hydrosugar
    04-18-2013 07:31 AM
    They didn't really think about their own much. They more just thought about what was wrong with the others way of doing things. Yuri thinks Flynn's is ineffective, Flynn thinks Yuri's is immoral. Though I think Flynn's biggest qualm about Yuri was how he refused to be acknowledged for his heroics. But they're best when they're working together.

    I used Estelle where available for a consistent healer. Though it didn't help she got herself kidnapped for a large portion of the game. I liked Judith and Rita too, they usually had high attacking stats. I chose Karol when someone had to distract the guard, because I found it hilarious it was even an option. The scene was pretty great too.
  10. One Winged Joker
    04-17-2013 06:35 PM
    One Winged Joker
    I think neither behaviour is something they really thought about, though. It's more like a huge difference between their personalities, while at the same time they're still really alike, deep down. They're both necessary and admirable. I guess the "vigilante part" of every "justice duo" like this is usually the one who feels more... satisfactory, indeed.

    Absolutely true. Yuri suited my way of fighting perfectly. I always used Yuri, and usually had Rita for her spells (too bad they weren't half as good as Genis'), and Estelle for healing. Or rather, for TRYING to make her heal the team, because she loved to go and hit the strongest enemy on the field on crazy close quarters combat. I used to play with my cousin, so the vacant post was for Judith. He was really good with her.

    Nah, Captain Karol had way more important commitments in the team... For example, when Yuri needed someone to be publicly humiliated. XD

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