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Conversation Between MR. RAiDER 702 and Ziggurat 9
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  1. Ziggurat 9
    08-27-2010 10:13 AM
    Ziggurat 9
    Haha. I believe you under estimate the power of memes and internet stupids; 'course I really do like my smileys =P

    We need to get some casuals in sometime.
  2. MR. RAiDER 702
    08-26-2010 10:36 PM
    MR. RAiDER 702
    Totally agree with you on the co-op part. I played Army of Two (the original) awhile back on my friends PS3, and loved the moments of, "Damnit, save me!" inches away from the him on the same couch.

    Even though most games nowadays keep being built for online deathmatch sessions---there is something amazingly fun about working together, offline or online with atleast 1 more person towards a shared goal (such as, Left 4 Dead series)

    Just preaching the good word sir on the, "Anti-Lol-", movement. I figure the more of that stop using it, eventually, the people that keep doing it will realize the pointlessness of spamming it.

    Course I noticed, when there isn't smileys or, "lols", conversations always look more serious. Very serious. haha
  3. Ziggurat 9
    08-24-2010 08:49 AM
    Ziggurat 9
    I have never played a Tomb Raider game either (this is my first one) and no it does not have online co-op (offline only) and it is so absolutely amazing. I love that game because vs games are fun but nothing beats a well don co-op.

    P.S. where did the Anti-lol thing come from? I didn't say lol to you. I made the same choice to refuse to use it unless I really DO laugh.
  4. MR. RAiDER 702
    08-24-2010 07:42 AM
    MR. RAiDER 702
    Is it? Like does it have online co-op? I was thinking about getting it, though I've never actually played any of the games in the series (grew up with a N64 when I was 8) so I figured it sounds interesting.

    Course, that Scott Pilgrim beat-um-up game comes at this week too, which it something I totally wanna try out.

    And uhhh...I encourage you to not use the acronym, "LOL", for the rest of your life. I've put a stop to it, in hopes that others will fight the cause too to put an end to people using it on unfunny subjects ^.^


    Brad: I want a sandwitch

    Kim: Your dad makes me Sandwiches

    Brad: LOL <----- like this generic conversation
  5. Ziggurat 9
    08-22-2010 07:52 AM
    Ziggurat 9
    If you like - I am up for some casuals but this Tomb Raider game is so much fun =P
  6. MR. RAiDER 702
    08-22-2010 04:14 AM
    MR. RAiDER 702
    This is true. Kim Kardashian has the personality of a sliding door, and I wasn't really digging Megan Fox when it came to Transformers

    (though I hate that movie, idk, something about robots that turn into police cars and helecopters isn't too exciting in my book haha)

    Rosario Dawson is where it's at ^.^

    We should play BlazBlue CS sometime! Like a custom Player match or something.
  7. Ziggurat 9
    08-22-2010 02:47 AM
    Ziggurat 9
    Ehhhhhh, I don;t like either becuase they are that really annoying kind of fake pretty but I guess I have to choose Kim.
  8. MR. RAiDER 702
    08-22-2010 12:47 AM
    MR. RAiDER 702
    I have just one, very simple question to ask you...

    Whos hotter; Kim Kardashian or Megan Fox?

    Choose wisely

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