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Conversation Between Crimson Ridley and Barad
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  1. Crimson Ridley
    01-22-2013 02:42 AM
    Crimson Ridley
    I've been thinking of getting it for a while, and with it being on the OA list, now is a good time.

    As long as it can still be completed, I'll be happy. I can't complete DiRT 2 because they shut the Tournaments down.
  2. Barad
    01-22-2013 02:36 AM
    DiRT 3 is solid, and better than 2 in a lot of ways. Above all, it doesn't have as much rally inspiration like the first two games, but still is very enjoyable and worth a play. A plus is that it's also on GFWL so double everything..including the boosting. :l
  3. Crimson Ridley
    01-22-2013 02:29 AM
    Crimson Ridley
    You're like a racing game God, I imagine you must have played every single one?

    Oh, that reminds me. I wanted to ask what DiRT 3 was like? I've heard a few people say that's it's nowhere near as good as DiRT 2. It that true?
  4. Barad
    01-22-2013 02:26 AM
    You have Bronze so you have the award that's all that matters.

    I'm working on a few Roadmaps right now and I didn't realise this site were missing so many for racing games..and me and racing games well you know lol.
  5. Crimson Ridley
    01-22-2013 02:25 AM
    Crimson Ridley
    I've just found the list in progress, and I think I have 11, which is no where near enough! I have N+, Super Meat Boy and Boom Boom Rocket though, so I suppose that's something.
  6. Barad
    01-22-2013 02:20 AM
    Callum, you'll be glad to know both Super Meat Boy & Boom Boom Rocket are on there haha!
  7. Crimson Ridley
    01-22-2013 02:18 AM
    Crimson Ridley
    I'll be pretty low down on the Arcade List, as I never really play any. I'll have to take a look at it. Hardest Arcade games I've finished are probably Super Meat Boy and Boom Boom Rocket, and I doubt they'll be on there.

    Thanks for skills comment, it means a lot. Compliments are always helpful.
  8. Barad
    01-22-2013 02:16 AM
    I'm kidding man you're like 3rd on leaderboard only skills get you up there. 2 more till Silver for me and I'm happy. XD I have 2 achievements from the current WIP Arcade list haha. :P
  9. Crimson Ridley
    01-22-2013 02:11 AM
    Crimson Ridley

    I'm not bragging, I've just become addicted to that award. It's helping me increase my motivation and determination to pursue a goal, just like TA. I just need to get really good now, which will still take ages.

    EDIT: Also, I couldn't really think of what to type, as I can't really use Banned User.
  10. Barad
    01-22-2013 02:08 AM
    Jesus you're changed man green name and bragging within 2 lines what is this..

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