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Conversation Between pizzleonfire and SetsunaFSeiei
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  1. SetsunaFSeiei
    12-28-2008 08:20 PM
    yeh well what games you need help boosting in :]
  2. pizzleonfire
    12-28-2008 05:27 AM
    hey buddy. thanks for the holiday wishes, same goes to you! we should do some boosting soon man. shoot me a message anytime. peace
  3. SetsunaFSeiei
    12-22-2008 04:31 PM
  4. SetsunaFSeiei
    12-20-2008 05:41 PM
    yup , i knew who it was xD i liked your gamerpic too xD
  5. pizzleonfire
    12-20-2008 05:49 AM
    sounds good bud. if you see an f/r from o pizzle o, i trust you'll know who it is
  6. SetsunaFSeiei
    12-20-2008 05:28 AM
    Sweet , add me on LIVE and we can do that sometime :]
  7. pizzleonfire
    12-20-2008 12:34 AM
    yea man, i can boost in Gears 1, there's a bunch I still need to get in that
  8. SetsunaFSeiei
    12-19-2008 05:58 PM
    Do you need help boosting Gears 1 i need pretty much every single one for that , gears 2 im down to the last 2 time consuming ones xO

    Web of Shadows id say is a good rental , or borrow from a friend like i did . If your going for achievements it could take you a while , finding collectibles and doing all the optional missions

    if you wanna just kick butt and beat the game , it shouldnt take you even 5 hours if you play non stop , the games awesome though being able to switch from the black suit and red suit anytime you want and choosing paths if you wanna be good or evil in the end :]
  9. pizzleonfire
    12-19-2008 05:42 PM
    oh man theres lots hahahah turok, the club, the darkness, gears, halo 3.. blah blah blah. i'm down for playing just about anything really. say the game and i'll check my stock to see if it's here.

    how easy was web of shadows, i like my Spider man so is it atleast worth a look at?
  10. SetsunaFSeiei
    12-19-2008 05:35 PM
    We should once i get it back from my friend , i borrowed Web of shadows from him and beat it for 1000 gamerscore , whenever i see him again i should be able to get it back

    what other games you need help boosting it ?

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