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Conversation Between Scotty and Skorpion XBA
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  1. Skorpion XBA
    04-27-2015 09:28 PM
    Skorpion XBA

    And that reminds me, I need to get FC4 back from my brother. He has so many of my games that I forget I even have them. No biggie really. You've ruined me with Sunset Overdrive though. I don't want to play anything else!
  2. Scotty
    04-27-2015 07:23 PM
    Oh yeah, that reminds me, when dya wanna do Far Cry co-op?

    Saving the updates for what, i wonder. Maybe site tourney's.....
  3. Skorpion XBA
    04-26-2015 07:55 PM
    Skorpion XBA
    Yeah, but you and me seem to only talk about playing games. Nah, I haven't played the updates yet. Saving those. I've developed a strategy for defeating enemies based on which enemies I'm fighting. What I like more about it than BL is the weapons aren't on a level, the enemies don't level up and the accessibility is better. It's like a mix between BL and Mirror's Edge.
  4. Scotty
    04-26-2015 06:17 PM
    Nice! And yeah, that last boss is super easy, although i failed the first time, didn't realize i had to climb it. You should definitely get the DLC, i assume you've done all the title updates at least, they're very quick and easy? I can see why you liked it better than BL, i would be tempted to agree, it's so much fun. You'll have to give me a shout when you're ready to attempt the online ones, i'm not that good any more, judged by my last attempt, but you may need the extra person, i don't know that the online is very busy these days.
  5. Skorpion XBA
    04-26-2015 06:10 PM
    Skorpion XBA
    Sounds like something I would do for you.

    On a different note, I finished the Sunset Overdrive story. It was really surprising how building Fizzo was much easier than balloon Fizzo. I need to get the DLC it, I liked this more than BL honestly. Getting all those golds though...
  6. Scotty
    04-26-2015 04:24 PM
    There'll be no record of it though in a couple of weeks.

    Unless one of you Guide team types takes over with your mod powers.....
  7. Scotty
    04-26-2015 03:40 PM
    Evidently not!
  8. Skorpion XBA
    04-26-2015 02:34 PM
    Skorpion XBA
    Lol looks like you can't quit the duck after all.
  9. Scotty
    01-30-2015 01:51 AM
    Ha, yeah it inches closer to me every time i update it!
  10. Skorpion XBA
    01-30-2015 01:38 AM
    Skorpion XBA
    Just noticed you're #2 on the duck face leaderboard. Almost there...

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