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Conversation Between Scotty and Skorpion XBA
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  1. Scotty
    12-29-2014 10:28 PM
    Oh really? I think someone is just trying to copy me.

    And yeah, she went into beast mode recently! Every time i clicked 'new posts' there were tons from Kairi in each of the published guides. I feel bad for pestering about mine now.
  2. Skorpion XBA
    12-29-2014 09:54 PM
    Skorpion XBA
    Looks like I'm due for a Platinum RM award too. I honestly had no idea. Kairi really went into beast mode today. I see you got the post publishing VM already. Now that's service!
  3. Scotty
    12-29-2014 05:06 PM
    Ha! I'm a mixture of confusion. I'm sort of just zombified sat here playing(collecting collectibles) Sunset Overdrive.

    And sweet! Cheers!
  4. Skorpion XBA
    12-29-2014 04:51 PM
    Skorpion XBA
    Haha! Do you need sleep? Do you get in a hurry? Or are pulling a Scotty?

    Oh, on a minor note: Your FC4 guide has been published.
  5. Scotty
    12-29-2014 04:34 PM
    Ha, i'll meet you half way, so like in the middle of the Atlantic! Bring a boat!

    I did exactly as i said though. I got it out, set it all up and press the foot peddle a bit, then put it away and haven't even looked at it since.

    And i accidentally posted this on my own wall... again.
  6. Skorpion XBA
    12-29-2014 04:28 PM
    Skorpion XBA
    Hell yeah, they do! I wish I had the money/ideas for tats. When you get good with that gun, you let me know. Then again, the cost of a plane ticket to the UK will probably be more than a tat lol.
  7. Scotty
    12-29-2014 03:51 PM
    It's 7 different 'famous' ancient greek quotes/phrases. Starting from the top left, ''For the prettiest one'', ''We Have Won'', ''Either [with] it [your shield], or on it'', ''Horror and Fear'', ''Live hidden'', ''Come take [them]!'', ''I have found [it]!''

    They do all have a context, but as ridiculous as it sounds, i want them just because i think they look good in that writing.
  8. Skorpion XBA
    12-29-2014 03:39 PM
    Skorpion XBA
    What do they say? It's probably the stalker creed or something.

    Oh no. They didn't pop out of nowhere. I had to 3-star all of the levels again. I was weary but I'm so glad they popped. Now on to the 30-hour grind...
  9. Scotty
    12-29-2014 03:29 PM
    Nice! It's pretty satisfying when a glitched achievement pops out of no-where.
  10. Scotty
    12-29-2014 03:27 PM
    I'm getting both my hands tattooed on Saturday! I drew them out myself(and by 'drew them out' i of course mean, traced them off my laptop screen)

    This is going on my right hand. It's only the writing, but i had to make a template of my hand to get it the right size.

    And this is going on my left hand. I've got black solid flames around my wrist so the top of the skull where the 4 small flame shapes are will be blended in to the flames on my arm.

    Sorry for the page destroying pictures!

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