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Conversation Between Terriah and ellamouse9
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  1. ellamouse9
    01-31-2011 03:52 PM
    Post number 2...

    Seems I can't do a lot right at work at the mo. Plus I work in Engineering and let's fac it, it's a difficult industry to get excited about. Problem is that I'm very settled where I am and all the decent jobs are in London (or Manchester - I actually had an interview for my ex's company a couple of years back, thank god I didn't get it!). I want to work in a more creative industry; after all I have a background in publishing. Also I'm pretty much used as the skivvy and my workload at the moment is astronomical. I've been having a few personal problems so it's been so difficult to concentrate on anything at work and now it's coming to bit me in the ass. Grrrrrrrr.

    Anyway, how are you my darling?
  2. ellamouse9
    01-31-2011 03:52 PM
    Oh I want them too - you have no idea how cute it is! The little critters have grown quite a lot and it seems that Rosie has put on an awful lot of weight too. I must admit checking again for gerbil balls, but there were none I think it's just cos she's happier that she's eating more.

    No it was an online offer only, and I did save about 100 compared to buying it elsewhere. I also use this site called Quidco - if you don't know about it you HAVE to check it out. They do vouchers and a cashback scheme if you go through their site to the retailer. I got 6.80 when I bought my TV an dhopefully should get about 20 for the laptop! That's also where I got the 25 discount voucher from. Best thing about it is that there is loads of sites you would have bought stuff from anyway that you can get cashback on! My friend put me on to them and has got back about 800 over 5 years (though most of that was from a bathroom suite). PM me your email address and I will refer you.
  3. Terriah
    01-31-2011 02:31 PM
    No worries. Don't worry about it <3

    Wow, that's quite expensive really. But not as pricey as some of the ones I've seen. Yeah, I imagine she wouldn't be too happy about paying for the plate as well, but that's still fairly awesome.

    Was there no where else that had a purple one? What about in store? I saw after I replied your rant about Dixons x3 But at least you've got one now, which is awesome. It sounds like it's just what you wanted too.
    Sounds like you're sorted <3

    Why are you hating your job at the moment though? You okay?
    <3 XxX
  4. ellamouse9
    01-31-2011 10:12 AM
    Hehe didn't get a chance this weekend as was madly cleaning but will do it next time they have a run around.

    It's going to cost 405 of your finish British Pounds, so a lot of cash but I have wanted one ever since before I got a car! Have to wait until some money comes through - my mum kindly put the laptop on her credit card so I could get it before it sold out but I doubt she'd be happy to do that with the plate

    Yeah I did order it. I wanted the purple version cos it looked cool but when I looked back that colour had sold out - story of my life! So I have ordered the white version. See my note on FB for why you shouldn't order from Dixons online - it was a complete nightmare! Oh no, wouldn't bother with Norton - I use Avast and it's absolutely brilliant, particularly for free! Yep, everyone I know who has a Vaio loves it, and I wanted that size as it's bigger than my (crap) netbook but smaller than a standard laptop. Should be the ideal size! xXx
  5. Terriah
    01-29-2011 12:35 AM
    Awesome! That would be really nice <3

    Oh my god! Really! That's really cool! How much is that costing you?

    Yes, that is a good deal. If it's the size, then yes Sony vaio is a very good choice. They're a solid computer and I use one myself. The price is also very reasonable for a sony viao since they're fairly expensive in terms of laptops.
    I'd say go for it <3 Though don't bother spending extra money for norton. You're better getting a couple of free programs and they tend to be more effective than Norton anyway and free.
  6. ellamouse9
    01-27-2011 03:07 PM
    It was very amazing thank you! Pics of that up soon too. Might get the little critters out in their playpen tonight and take some more pics.

    By the way I am getting a personalised numberplate for my car and I am very excited! I am getting E11 AXL and it is going to look FIT.

    Also, you know about computers - is this a good deal? Ideally I want a Vaio and that is the size I want, though colour is not that important:
  7. Terriah
    01-27-2011 02:56 PM
    Either way I'm so sorry!
    I did think it was a bit strange you having your party so early. Sorry! ;_; </3
    Yay! Pics of the TV and more of the cute trio please
    I'm glad you had an amazing time <3
  8. ellamouse9
    01-27-2011 02:49 PM
    You know why, it's because it was the 23rd, so you probably thought 2 (Feb), 3rd! I'm sure that's what it was

    Thanks sexy pants, I had a really good time. And the TV of amazingness is now on the wall - I'll take a pic or two tonight if I get round to it!!! xXx
  9. Terriah
    01-27-2011 02:47 PM
    Nope I don't think so </3
    And buggery, I didn't say happy birthday to you!
    I thought it was like the 3rd of Feb though, not January. I must have mixed up someone's facebook profile </3

    Happy Belated Birthday sexy face <3
  10. ellamouse9
    01-27-2011 02:37 PM
    Did you get a Happy birthday email from x360a? I sure didn't

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