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Conversation Between kiwi18 and Parkerktm
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  1. Parkerktm
    10-29-2008 03:03 AM
    k i'm messaging you right now

    how epic.....
  2. kiwi18
    10-29-2008 02:51 AM
    Just download MSN and my name on MSN is the same as AIM.
  3. Parkerktm
    10-29-2008 02:48 AM
    dude i think i forgot my password since i use adium which connects all instant messangers but my AIM App is nowhere to be found

    whats your AIm again?
  4. kiwi18
    10-29-2008 02:31 AM
    Play SWAT. dude, go on MSN or AIM
  5. Parkerktm
    10-29-2008 01:57 AM
    yea well i'm not sure about that. I try to play halo like COD4 or RSV2, unload a full assault rifle clip, then throw a frag and then yell at the game because a bullshit double beatdown occurs when i clearly put more hits on the guy. I need to throw a frag and unload a few bullets.

    I played social skrimish yesterday, pretty fun. I'm gonna try to get the extermination medal.
  6. kiwi18
    10-28-2008 08:03 PM
    Parker relax, I was just kidding. For someone who doesn't play Halo that much, Major is pretty good. I have some sick maps I have made and some I have seen and saved. I will show you a couple. I could care less about my MLG rank as it is only a 18, we can play. Seeing as I do not play CoD4 a ton. I play like once a week only with my friends. I am sure if you stick with Halo you will probably be better than me one day.
  7. Parkerktm
    10-27-2008 10:28 PM
    As for COD4 prestige 4 is nothing, i have not checked the stats in along time but last i looked i was still ahead of you in kills, score, and several other stats. I'm lvl 55 because prestige is lame, but i calculated it and determined if i went into prestige i'd be well over Prestige 10 lvl 55. How do my stats in lone wolfs suck? I'm not great but i get xp 75% of the time.

    Maybe if i stick with halo for a couple of months and become better i'll play MLG with you, any good forge maps you suggest? Or want to send my way through file share?

    You want to make a map with me????
  8. kiwi18
    10-27-2008 10:14 PM
    I am prestige 4 I don't play Cod4 that much. I checked your stats... You=Horrific at Lone Wolfs. I am just playing about you sucking though...You do though, at least you admit it. MLG is BR start, snipe,mauler,plasma and frag granade, Invis, and OS. Look up MLG on Youtube. You run a little faster. It is pretty much the un-n00biest game out there. It is what the pros play. Hence, Major League Gaming. It is in the Hardcore playlist along with SWAT.
  9. Parkerktm
    10-27-2008 03:46 AM
    i don't care dude, i've already admitted your better then me at halo 3 but you know i would take you any day in COD4 or RSV2 and i have higher ranks than you in both those.

    Major is good for me, considering i've gottenaround 150 or so xp in my last 200 games, won 22/23 or so social slayer games today. lol

    whats MLG? just snipers?

    lol i'm so bad with snipers in that game, which is sad because out of COD4, RSV2, and HALO 3, Halo 3 is probably the easiest. I'm a beast with the beam rifle though, that thing pretty much rapes everything in it's path.
  10. kiwi18
    10-26-2008 11:17 PM
    WOAH! He's a MANIAC! A fucking Major!!!!!1111!!!! OMGWTFBBQ "Bows Down"
    The day you beat me in MLG is the day I will have respect.

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