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Conversation Between cheevo360 and AirborneRichard
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  1. AirborneRichard
    09-09-2013 01:53 PM
    Thats okay buddy Just had the urge to say something about it, i think some people here feel the same way but either not got the guts or feel the need to post it. Either way people here kinda have this huge impression i,m a PS4 fanboy lol! I admit thats kinda the choice i made for myself as its the first one i get and later a xbox one, but that not means i fanboy any of them more then the other. I think both have pro and contra things just like this gen had. I,m sure we kinda know all this after both are somewhat a half year around, then we probly know whats better or not
  2. cheevo360
    09-07-2013 12:14 PM
    Lol it is ok. Haters alway hate lmfao. Trolls alway feed. Thanks for support though.

    It's not hurt me. I got lots of friends outside, Xbox Live, some on PS3 and Wii U as well here and some in FB.

    They like me that is matter. I don't care about some public people or players think about me.
  3. AirborneRichard
    09-06-2013 07:14 PM
    Hey buddy, hope your alright. I tried to support you on your Fable comment, but seems people here serious have issues and sinds my last remark on a post that MS basicly copied alot later of what Sony,s PS4 had from start, realy started a riot. I actualy do give up on here, i did loved this site to dead because of the great review,previews and ofcourse the dedication of the people who made those amazing guides, and at start the members here, but well i still love all that just the members, this def changed! I just wanted you to know you always been a great and good friend I made up my mind and probly first get a PS later next year and then at the end of next year mabye a xbox one. Tc buddy If i had a change do delete my profile here i would to be honest, but i may hover over this like a ghost keeping track of things but just never every post comments again, because well you know why
  4. cheevo360
    01-03-2013 03:20 AM
    Well I got some grammers problems too you knew. Just accept it. I used to be pissed for quite long time in recents but I alway accept and explain them. Ignore them. Happy new year.
  5. AirborneRichard
    12-30-2012 09:13 AM
    Any idea how i can remove myself from this site? Frankly i kinda had enough to be honest, gamers that pick on someones grammar weakness or they forget the fact not everyone is from the UK so not english, then if your write your own oppinion and get a shitstorm of comments just because its not match with the general oppinion is not my idea of freedom of speech or in anyway fun to be a member off. So any suggetions how i can remove myself here would be highly welcome. Thnx.
  6. AirborneRichard
    12-26-2012 12:15 PM
    merry xmass
  7. cheevo360
    12-25-2012 03:40 AM
    Happy christmas!!!
  8. cheevo360
    08-14-2012 02:10 AM
    Take care too m8
  9. cheevo360
    08-14-2012 02:10 AM
    Is ok just if u like and yes I did request you so I not sure why it is cancelled so you can request me.
  10. AirborneRichard
    08-13-2012 08:13 PM
    Sorry bro, i noticed u send me a friendsrequest in here i had a email today about it but when i logged in here it said there was no request hmm! Might be u canceled it or so, i send one just in case if u canceled it just see this as not sended then. take care m8.

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