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Conversation Between tremberz and Insanemaniak
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  1. Insanemaniak
    03-02-2010 10:43 PM
    I did DMD and BP today and you were right. Don't need Holy Water for DMD mode, it was surprisingly not that hard, ended up with S,S,A 95% of the time and only got an A rank, so annoyed me but I'm just gonna keep going through until I get 1k.

    Only times I used Holy Water was with 'His Holiness' I got so stressed out with him because all he kept on doing on Mission 11 was going inside the False Prophet? Whenever I took down his shield so used Holy Water to knock him to the ground so I could beat him.

    And on Mission 20, I never could get the right timing to counter the charged attack he does when he has no health. One Holy Water and boom, I beat him.

    Went through Bloody Palace with Super Dante and loved it. got like 500,000 so was abit disappointed but heard it was impossible to hit the 1 million with a Super Character, just gonna do runs of that to hit the 10,000 demons and the 105,000 souls I need to get skill collector.

    How's things with you anyway? Had a good week?
  2. Insanemaniak
    01-12-2010 12:48 PM
    If I do DMD I'm definitely just gonna spam Holy Water when I get in trouble. I doubt I'll be able to do it any other way. (S Ranks is out of the question). I'll probably just use Super Nero for Bloody Palace and try to rush to floor 101 and complete it. (Again no S Rank since I'm using a super character)

    If I do manage to do DMD and stuff I think that in itself is an achievement to me so I'll be happy with it; still confused on how the hell you managed to get 1k; it's unreal!
  3. tremberz
    01-07-2010 03:04 PM
    Lol. The bloody palace was a lot easier than all the missions. The only problem was when fighting the two Blitz's, and fighting the large scarecrows with other enemies in the high levels. Time was failing me a few times, but after a few attempts I was so quick in the first 50 levels that the last 20 I could take my time.
    If you use Nero and constantly hold down the shoot button so everytime you shoot it fires really powerful bullets, that is extremely effective against the smaller enemies, and is really helpful if there are many surrounding you. Save your Devil Trigger until a) there are lots of enemies b) your running out of health c) you are fighting a boss or blitz. When using devil trigger tap the shoot button and it fires blades everywhere, which is very effective.
    Honestly, all you need to do is to keep trying, if you can S rank all missions on Dante Must Die then the bloody palace shouldn't be too hard. Good luck.
  4. Insanemaniak
    01-06-2010 07:32 AM
    I thought I'd message you because of staying on topic (DMC is off topic so I could get in trouble for continuing the convo on there about it ><)

    I read and have followed a guide for Batman: Arkham Asylum and still can't do Freeflow Perfection although it's easy apparently, so guides sometimes don't help with achievements such as one's in DMC. I reckon I could get 950 if i put a lot more effort in but S Rank in Bloody Palace; without using Supers... Never.

    But; if I do ever 1k it. I'm definitely designing a badge and wearing it everytime I go out saying 'I 1000'd Devil May Cry 4' just because that is the Ultimate Achievement I reckon.

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