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Conversation Between darkmikasonfire and KayCeaEffahless
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  1. KayCeaEffahless
    11-22-2011 12:27 PM
    I used to love it when I would ask my teacher why I couldn't use a calculator. And he would say it was because," What if you were on the job and didn't have one". I would ask back," Why would I be at a job that needed high level math without one?...that wouldn't be very efficient, what would I do use my fingers?."

    My teacher would give me the death glare.....those were great times^_^
  2. darkmikasonfire
    11-15-2011 06:57 PM
    it's because they don't, math is the closest class to teaching you something you'll always use, but when they say no calculator they're being assholes, like we're giong to ever be without a calculator, if the whole world ends there will still be freaking abacus, which is a freaking calculator, it's like jesus christ who doesn't use a calc, even phones have calcs in them now, not using one is just a way to be a prick.
  3. KayCeaEffahless
    11-15-2011 03:21 AM
    Yeah because if you were actually learning history in a history would make way too much sense>,>. And to add insult to injury, why does it seem like almost none of the things they teach will actually be used in a real world situation. And/or in our daily life outside of school.
  4. darkmikasonfire
    11-09-2011 10:48 PM
    also mini stats, strike witches teddy wootness.
  5. darkmikasonfire
    11-09-2011 10:47 PM
    They overwork you but they don't do it to the point where you're going to be fired for not getting enough done. a slave is only useful if it works and gets things done, overworking causes you to get fired, a slave that isn't working isn't a good slave.
    most of the teachers i've come across just give a bunch of work to seem like they're doing stuff. we're writing that history research paper to show the professor that we know how to find the information and write a paper. it's odd i thought that's what ENGLISH was for, or maybe RESEARCH WRITING was for... odd how i thought a history class was suppose to be about learning history. silly me thinking english and research writing courses were about proving we know how to find info and do papers, silly me i should have realized history was what that was for, hmmm maybe my next math class will expect me to know what happened in Russo-Japanese war in vivid detail while teaching me what A-cos(ZZtop)/log(crap)+59-w+c^F degree means.
  6. KayCeaEffahless
    11-06-2011 02:20 AM
    I wish my jobs were like that, most of the ones I've worked at would overwork the hell out of me. They would let the slackers be slackers and make the few good workers(me included) pick up the slack. Nowadays jobs treat workers more like slaves instead of employees>_<
    But what you said is the truth about school though. Their money is already guaranteed to them. So some teachers tend to not give a dam, or will just throw alot of work at you to make it seem like they're really teaching.
  7. darkmikasonfire
    11-05-2011 06:13 AM
    in school however unlike in life/work, they don't care if you stay afloat. work will make sure not to put too much work on you because if it does then you wont' be able to do it which costs them money because it's not getting done, or they'll fire you which again costs them money because it's not getting done AND they have to hire someone new, school they don't give a shit because they've been paid or are being paid one way or the other.
  8. KayCeaEffahless
    10-31-2011 08:42 PM
    Lol....everything in your life is just perfect right now V_V Personally I would've been that one rebel in the class that always speaks his mind..and I would've probably been given extra homework on top of the normal work(if not kicked out of class). Either way that's the epitome of BS. The powers that be prolly think along the lines of "Hey I got an idea, let's give these students so much work that they'll burn out. That will get them used to society/the real world." To sum up the msg,Work towards a desirable goal through undesirable means = LIFE(=_=)
  9. darkmikasonfire
    10-30-2011 02:41 PM
    P2 oh top of having to find those 4 books, go through them, and figure out which ones we can use, we also have to read a chapter in 3 different books in here class because she has 5 goddamn books for her class that she deemed needed to be read for her single fucking one semester long fucking classes. AND i have FOUR FUCKING CLASSES. what the fuck is wrong with this psycho bitch, that's enough work that i'm always behind hell i've read three chapters total in her class between the lot of those goddamn books, that's it, i barely have shit done on my goddamn paper for research, and ffs i still have 3 other goddamn classes to attend to.
  10. darkmikasonfire
    10-30-2011 02:36 PM
    P1 what's worse is i also had to make annotated bibliographies, which is a 2pg paper about each of my sources as well. and i have 3 major papers 10pgs+ each requires 10 annotated bibs, and for two of those i have to print out the article as well, which to me is fucking stupid, i have to print out the article and write a small paper about what the article is about wtf, you're going to read the article i don't understand why i have to do a goddamn thing to it.
    AND in one class (russian history) not only we do have to look up these 10 articles 4 of them MUST be monographs (books on a single very very specific topic) IE for this the liberals part in the 1905 russian revolution or something of that nature (there were over 12 causes to that specific revolution).

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