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Conversation Between mattybell2117 and scarface
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  1. mattybell2117
    04-30-2011 07:05 PM
    I really doubt it considering I haven't seen her around there ever.

    I got an infraction for arguing with her lol. Odd how she didn't get an infraction....lmao

    Damn mods said I won't tolerate that language. Fuckin touchy moderators here. I guess since she a girl and obv deserves a stupid little badge that says she's a girl, she doesn't deserve an infraction. Mods here are ridiculous imo. Anyways, I disagreed with a mod's opinion so I'll probably get another infraction for this. Add me on if you want to chat anymore I guess cuz this'll probably be my last post. Only a matter or time before some dickhead reports this post and some super cool 30-something year old moderator exercises what little authority they think they have.
  2. scarface
    04-30-2011 03:52 AM
    I have never once seen you make a fanboy comment on ps3t. Don't know what the chicks problem is. Do you know if she's a member of ps3t?
  3. mattybell2117
    04-30-2011 03:39 AM
    Nah. I have a 360. RROD'd my first one then got another one and am currently updating to my third one. I joined a while ago because I wanted to comment on a guide for something I can't remember now. I've been a member for a couple months I think. I just came here tonight to get some advice on how I should upgrade my 360 when I came across that stupid thread. I can appreciate both systems. I prefer my ps3 but there are definitely things I like more about the 360 than the ps3. I'm really not a fanboy. I just hate idiotic people
  4. scarface
    04-30-2011 03:27 AM
    Do you own a 360? Or are you like some of the people from ps3t who join because it's the sister site?

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