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Conversation Between BiggD and Kairi
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  1. Kairi
    Today 04:04 AM
    You're welcome! I hope some of them will be interested! I have looked at indeed a few times for the heck of it, but my main issue is there is that most places want a few years of experience first. =( Something near my area is not an option for me; I live in the middle of the woods where a translator is pretty much useless. I am likely going to have to somehow arrange for something quite far away if I want to get a good internship somewhere; judging by what I've seen, I likely will need to go out of state or out of country.

    Well, as long as people follow our site's Code of Conduct, they will not to need to worry about anything, but if people step out of line, they will be looking forward to either a ban or infraction from me. You should really play DA Origins if you haven't already; it's an excellent game! I will let you know when I finally get around to it, which should hopefully be soonish. :P
  2. BiggD
    Today 03:43 AM
    Thanks! I applied to five internships on Saturday night so I'm hoping at least two are interested and call back soon. If all else fails, I used sites like and to look for internships in and around the area, so you can always check those out if you're looking!

    LOL, "Kairi bans everyone." I totally forgot about your new Mod powers. People better watch out in that case DA is another series I'm stupidly jumping into late (if I end up getting it) because my gaming preferences don't make any sense When you do get around to it, let me know!
  3. Kairi
    Today 03:17 AM
    That's okay; a later response is always better than none at all! Good luck with finding another job/internship! I know I need to look for one myself soon, and I am not sure where to even start looking for one. :/

    Yeah, there are quite a few tags XD I see Kairi written in hiragana, "Kairi gonna win" "Kairi post" "now Kairi bans everyone", and about a dozen "Hi Kairi"s! XD I find it extremely hard to neglect earlier installments, even if they are some random 10+ year old game I will never play. lol I will definitely be getting Dragon Age at some point; I still need to get DAII out of my backlog, but I will be buying Inquisition once I finish the second one.
  4. BiggD
    Today 02:24 AM
    Ugh, work kept getting in the way whenever I went to respond to you. Luckily, today was my last day there. I'm kinda glad seeing as I'm not really interested in the law field anymore so working at a law firm was getting oh so boring But now I have to look for another job/internship! The struggle never ends!!!

    I went over to that thread to check the tags and LOL that's hilarious I know that feeling. I used to be the same way but lately I've jumped into series and totally neglected the earlier installments, lol. If you end up getting Dragon Age, let me know how it is! I want to get into more of those Western RPGs on the Xbox One, so DA is a game I might look into late next Spring when I have nothing to game.
  5. Kairi
    Yesterday 02:55 AM
    Thanks! ;P I would be glad that is over if I were you too! That sounds like one crappy semester to me!

    Yes, I am in the current tournament; I'm just rather quiet about it and do not make any posts about the tournament anywhere just like the previous ones I've participated in. Apparently a lot of people tend to forget I'm in them because of that, but it looks like that won't be the case for this one considering it was brought to my attention that half of the tags in the rule thread are about me. O_o Thank you! I hope I will be able to do well in this one! I have a few movie games and hope I can make it to the second round! It is madness, but that is fine with me. :P I would get the third, but I almost always have to play games in order! D:
  6. BiggD
    Yesterday 02:33 AM
    It's a good thing, don't worry And yeah, glad that is over though!

    I didn't realize you're in the current tourney. Good luck!! I caught the first round's rules and all I have to say is, "Yuck. Movie-games." LOL at that rate, you won't be done until like 2018. Absolute madness! Unfortunately, The Witcher will probably never come to the Xbox 360 :/ I say, screw it and buy the third at some point! I just caught a 35 minute gameplay demo and it looks great
  7. Kairi
    Yesterday 02:22 AM
    I tend to be called one a lot xD I can imagine how rough that was; I took four this summer and it got pretty crazy; I can't imagine adding another one and a full-time job on top of that! :O

    It definitely sounds like I will love it! I think I am going to bring the book back with me to university and read it once I'm finished with the current tournament. There are easily at least 100 games for Xbox 360 alone in my backlog, but I am not going to let that stop me from conquering it one day! Even though I keep buying more games and I have a shitload of them, I really do plan to eventually play them, although it will definitely take a long time to do so. I also rarely get to use my X1, so it gives me some time to catch up on the 360. I have never played The Witcher; I was hoping the original would get an Xbox port, but it looks like it won't.
  8. BiggD
    Yesterday 01:53 AM
    We all can be at times. I remember when I transferred colleges two years back, I took five summer courses within a single summer in order to make up for lack of transfer credit. It was a rough summer doing that and working nearly full-time hours at the same time!

    It's a great book - easy read, alotta adventure and action and makes you laugh. You'll love it! Yeah, there's tons of stuff I never got around to on the Xbox 360 but I've given up At this point, I think I'm content with what I've played and am ready to focus on my Xbox now. Speaking of which, since I know you enjoy RPGs, do you like The Witcher or have any thoughts towards getting The Witcher 3?!
  9. Kairi
    08-19-2014 04:50 AM
    I may be a bit of an overachiever. :P I wish you luck with getting a job; I know many people that are having problems finding jobs lately. :/ I would not be surprised if that ended up being the case at all schools!

    It is really massive, but I really do plan and hope to conquer it eventually! I am going my best to work on all of my games although it is hard when I do not have tons of free time to play. That would be great, thank you! I hope to get to the book soon since I have heard a lot of good things about it!
  10. BiggD
    08-19-2014 02:44 AM
    Overachiever! I'm just glad I'll be done this Spring. I want to be outta school; though I say that now…and I'm sure I'll regret that when I'm working full time -_- Don't worry, I'm sure all schools are like that with some of their offices!

    Ahhh, I remember you posting your backlog way back when in a thread. It's soooo massive!! Best get to it and knock it out soon. I sure will! I go on vacation the day after it comes out but when I do get around to it, I'll let you know. And the book is pretty awesome! A lot better than the movies actually, even if that Tauriel elf isn't in it

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