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Conversation Between BiggD and Kairi
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  1. BiggD
    Today 02:27 AM
    You don't like the shooters, I forgot

    I'm hoping for retail games that I've never played yet. I'm not too interested in the arcade titles and I've played nearly all the retail ones. I expect big things to happen soon though with Xbox One's GwG since E3 is around the corner!
  2. Kairi
    Yesterday 06:54 PM
    So far, the only games that I had prior were A World of Keflings and Deadlight. I downloaded most of the ones that were free except Halo 3, Rainbow 6 Vegas, Gears of War, and Hitman. Most of them are still in my backlog, but I hope to play them all eventually!
  3. BiggD
    Yesterday 05:16 PM
    In which case then free games SUCK!

    I've only had interest in Assassin's Creed II, Halo 3, Sleeping Dogs, and Hitman. But the funny thing is…I've already completed them all before so screw it
  4. Kairi
    Yesterday 05:46 AM
    Free games are always good...unless the game in question turns out to be a complete glitchy piece of shit. :P I have liked the Games with Gold games that I have played so far!
  5. BiggD
    Yesterday 05:03 AM
    Exactly! Nothing beats a free game. Although, many of the free games through Games with Gold haven't really interested me
  6. Kairi
    Yesterday 04:35 AM
    Lol okay, I will definitely be waiting for it then! :P I am sure I will enjoy it more if it is free.
  7. BiggD
    Yesterday 03:53 AM
    Definitely wait on it! I can see it being one of the first games selected for when Microsoft finally does the Games with Gold for Xbox One. Then you can play a free, terrible, yet easy game
  8. Kairi
    04-15-2014 03:52 PM
    I normally get between a 92-98% as well, but sometimes I just want all of the points. XD

    Well, I did just start the game Saturday and haven't gotten to play since yet, so of course no completion yet. :P I'm hoping that I can get the completion before I leave for a week after finals, but if not, I can finish it the week that I am home. ^^ Sorry to hear the game was bad; I actually debated on buying it for some easy points, but I think I'll wait for price drop or something or avoid it altogether. lol
  9. BiggD
    04-15-2014 03:46 PM
    I usually do between 92-98% which is good enough for me. I like to think of myself as a perfectionist but 100% is outta reach sometimes.

    So all that playing and no completion?! You suck Nah, I only joke. That's not too bad then! And yeah, it was easy to complete but the concept and the…just about everything didn't sit right with what I find enjoyable in a game. Waste of $10 and I don't even think me team will win Gold in Bobsleigh now. GRRR!
  10. Kairi
    04-15-2014 03:16 PM
    Yeah, sometimes I want 100% on an exam and get disappointed if I don't get it. I can be quite the perfectionist at times.

    I just researched the times since the other games that I have are even longer, and I don't think I can complete them in time. I was hoping I didn't ned to buy another one, but I shelled out the extra $20 to make sure I will be able to complete the game with no issues; I can always play the Japanese version for learning practice later. So far I only spent the money on Beautiful Katamari (which I would have had to do at some point anyway whether there was a tournament or not) and Street Fighter IV. I don't plan on spending much since I don't have the money. I'm assuming LocoCycle was really bad? D:

    I don't know how they can do it either; it's very crazy indeed!

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