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Conversation Between BiggD and Kairi
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  1. Kairi
    12-25-2013 07:34 PM
    Backlog 2014, here I come! :P

    Make sure you get the interaction achievement before doing tutorials! It's glitchy if done after them!
  2. BiggD
    12-25-2013 06:47 PM
    Building up dat backlog! Mine only consists of like, three games lol

    Just finished installing it and am going to test out training mode before finishing up some other games. Excited
  3. Kairi
    12-25-2013 02:52 PM
    I wanted to take advantage of them while they were on sale. ;P My backlog is worse now, but oh well! XD

    Merry Christmas! ^_^ Yay Zoo Tycoon! :P
  4. BiggD
    12-25-2013 06:43 AM
    Same here And snaggin' those deals, I see, some good picks!

    And since it finally past midnight, Merry Christmas again We'll talk soon once we're ready for some Zoo Tycoon!
  5. Kairi
    12-25-2013 04:23 AM
    Awesome! I'll look forward to playing with you! So far, I'm loving these deals! I bought quite a few games like Soulcalibur II, Fez, Mortal Kombat, and those games from today's deal. I'm hoping to get some of the weekly deals this week as well!

    Thank you! ^_^ There is about 40 minutes left here, but I wanted to make sure I was able to wish everyone a Merry Christmas before I went to bed! =)
  6. BiggD
    12-25-2013 04:18 AM
    I definitely will! Still gotta finish Halo Anniversary with Nozza but one we're done on Friday, I'll be free to let you know. And ugh, screw these deals I've only seen like two or three that I liked!

    And although there's an hour still left here, Merry Christmas to you too, Kairi Hope you have a great day!
  7. Kairi
    12-24-2013 11:46 PM
    Ouch! D: That's a shame.

    That would be great! Let me know when you want to play! =) I'm doing my best to limit myself, but that hasn't been very successful lately thanks to all of those deals. >_>

    Also, Merry Christmas, BiggD!
  8. BiggD
    12-23-2013 06:07 AM
    Hopefully they do, it's been three weeks and they've neglected the matter

    We definitely will, once I've installed the game and everything, we'll see when we're both free Ahh, I understand - I'm limiting my purchases for the Xbox One and in general severely cause I haven't been too good with my savings lately
  9. Kairi
    12-23-2013 05:54 AM
    Awww, glitched achievements are no fun! I hope they get patched soon!

    Awesome! We should work on those before I have to leave my Xbox One. The Witcher 3 does look good, but I honestly don't think I would get it. I'm trying to limit buying games a bit, and I know I'm probably going to need to save that money for something else.
  10. BiggD
    12-23-2013 05:32 AM
    YAY!!!! Also, just wanted to note that that game's DLC guide has been submitted but the two achievements are glitched :/ I left a note to the guide team in there but I'm unsure what will happen with the submission.

    Also, completely missed your message from week. And I see there are a few Co-Op/Multiplayer achievements for Zoo Tycoon so we can definitely get some work done on those. My sister is getting it for me for Christmas (X1 version, of course ).

    Since it's my duty to encourage everyone to play The Witcher 3, I have no choice but to tell you: Get it when it comes out. It looks phenomenal!!!

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