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Conversation Between BiggD and LickableLemons7
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  1. BiggD
    06-16-2014 02:55 PM
    I'll try to look into it!

    That's an interesting way to look at it. Start the next game without really having it's foundation built on HR's ending, that way it's a mystery. Ahhh, I just hope for the next game…the cities are easier to traverse. I can't tell you how many times I got lost while in Hengsha.
  2. LickableLemons7
    06-16-2014 01:40 PM
    Yep, I'd recommend that you play the first game. I picked it up off of Steam. Bob Page is the main antagonist.

    I also bought Invisible War on Steam but I decided later that I wanted a hard copy so I also found it for the original Xbox. Haven't played either version yet, ha ha. I might as well look for The Conspiracy on PS2 too.

    The "canonical" ending to HR isn't very clear to me but I'd say destroying Panchea fits the most as characters like Taggert and Sarif aren't present in the first game. But HR and the first game are 25 years apart (storywise), so anything could happen. Each game in the series has had a different protagonist so far. As long as the next game doesn't give a clear answer to the ending from a previous game I'll be happy and my mind can continue to wander.
  3. BiggD
    06-16-2014 03:14 AM
    I totally get that.

    It's funny, I haven't played a game like this in a long time. One that makes me think about reality in such a way…cause I've been thinking about it all day (as lame as that sounds). Neither ending seems morally right. Destroying Panchea delays the inevitable, Taggert's leaves the Illuminati in power, Sarrif's hides the truth and shifts the blame, and Darrow's seems cowardly. Ugh. I'm glad I played this game, dude. It was great. I'd venture it houses one of the best and thought-provoking endings for a video game!

    Did you play the original Deus Ex? I know I'll never bother with it, but people said it's 1572x better and that the Bob Page guy from the credits is the main baddie.

    I wonder what Deus Ex: Universe could be about is HR was a prequel? Surely Jensen wouldn't be the protagonist because there's no sense of which ending was canon?
  4. LickableLemons7
    06-16-2014 02:11 AM
    I ultimately want progress but everyone has a different definition of what is actual progression. The way humans interact with technology has changed greatly in the last 20 years, and in another 20 things can probably be very different from the way they are now. You see three year olds begging their parents for the tablet/phone to play games on when you go grocery shopping. People are starting to walk around with Google Glass...and they're being discriminated against.

    If I was in Jensen's shoes I would've just destroyed Panchea, although the other three choices had decent reasoning. I'm just glad I live in a time where I don't have the power to make such a decision.
  5. BiggD
    06-15-2014 10:28 PM
    Which of the four endings in Deus Ex appealed (if that's the right word) to you most? I had a hard time thinking which was the most justified. Sacrificing the facility made the most sense, but at the same time, I feel strangely sympathetic towards Darrow's message.
  6. BiggD
    06-03-2014 02:06 AM
    Thanks for all the info. The link is pretty informative as well, finally had a chance to look that over.

    Definitely starting this on Thursday!!
  7. LickableLemons7
    06-01-2014 06:36 PM
    Yep, stun gun is great, aside from using it on human enemies I also used it to temporarily disable security cameras.

    You can reload an old save/checkpoint and you won't void the achievement.

    As for aug selection near the beginning I can see how choosing your first ones can be an issue. But at least in the Director's Cut you can carry over augs in NG+, and I believe you can also change difficulties when starting NG+.

    This is a pretty decent guide to help you decide which augs to start selecting first when you gain more praxis points:

    I believe some of the first augs I went for were the jump enhancement and the Icarus landing system.
  8. BiggD
    06-01-2014 04:38 PM
    Ah, good tip! Thanks Question: If I accidentally set off an alarm or let's say, kill someone, can I restart checkpoints or will the achievement still be voided?

    Pretty decent review, seemed all over the place but the talk about augmentations sounds really cool.
  9. LickableLemons7
    06-01-2014 04:25 PM
    Yeah, it's probably best to practice not killing anyone and being sneaky on your first playthrough anyway. Just stick to takedowns/stun gun/tranquilizer rifle. To get the stun gun early on, once you start the first mission you'll be riding in a VTOL with your boss and in that conversation he'll ask if you want to use lethal or non-lethal means for the mission. Select non-lethal.

    Also, here's Adam Sessler's review if you haven't seen it:
  10. BiggD
    06-01-2014 04:09 PM
    Eh, works for me! Sold!

    Sounds ideal. I'll most likely tackle it in two playthroughs, leaving the first for side stuff and collectibles, and the second for the stealth-related achievements. I assume if Missing Link is integrated, I can play through the game once without worrying, but then on the second play through, deliberately doing the stealth-stuff?

    I better find this game as appealing as it's made out to be

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