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Conversation Between Axel 360 and 13ip0lar
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  1. Axel 360
    08-15-2011 02:52 AM
    Axel 360
    Ok,I can see your point.
  2. 13ip0lar
    08-15-2011 01:06 AM
    No, you haven't offended me. I was just trying to get the point across that everyone on a forum is an asshole to an extent, and that you shouldn't believe this one is any different. So everyone is bound to have an opinion on a topic, and some more opinionated than others.

    I just made the comment on the forum topic, because it seemed like you were surprised people were commenting on the OP's post, rather than answering him.
  3. Axel 360
    08-14-2011 05:36 PM
    Axel 360
    And so I made my opinion.

    Iīm sorry but, Have I offend you? Because itīs definitely not what I meant. I just comment, based on your comment and with no harm intentions, that I found curious that people complain when others ask for more. Thatīs all, you can comment and have the opinion you want, I donīt remember having ask you to not show your opinion as well.

    Iīm not english native speaker, so maybe I just made a mistake in grammar or something that lead you to believe I was being a douchbag because I was against your comment, but itīs nothing like that. My apologies if I have offend you somehow.

    PD: I already have a very precise point of view on what an online forums is, trust me
  4. 13ip0lar
    08-14-2011 05:58 AM
    I don't want to bicker in that thread, just realize this is a forum. People voice their opinions. If you just think everyone is complaining, then that is your opinion. Welcome to online forums. -_-

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