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Conversation Between iBuzz7S and CraziedZombies
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  1. CraziedZombies
    10-28-2012 11:24 AM
    lol, at least you know were everything is now
  2. iBuzz7S
    10-28-2012 03:47 AM
    Those too. =p

    I dunno, I like it. I'd rather have it next to one another and not on opposite sides of the room. My old setup was like that and it sucked. By the time I got back to the console, I forgot where I had to go in *insert game here*.
  3. CraziedZombies
    10-28-2012 03:38 AM
    haha, yea thats also why i wanna do it, plus allot easier for getting help w/ collectible achievements like the holocons in Force Unleashed 2
  4. iBuzz7S
    10-28-2012 02:33 AM
    Personally, I find it much more convenient. Because I record the odd video here and there, I like to keep everything close. Plus, it allows me to multitask and enjoy the best of both worlds without having to lift my ass out of the seat. =p
  5. CraziedZombies
    10-28-2012 02:27 AM
    cool, i've been thinking of doing something like that soon Laptop next to console but for now there on my dresser closer to my tv maybe when i get newer xbox360s or when the next gen comes out i'll do that thanks
  6. iBuzz7S
    10-27-2012 11:12 PM
    Very messy! ;p

    I've got a decent sized table, which holds the PC to the left 'half' of the table and the consoles to the other 'half'.
  7. CraziedZombies
    10-27-2012 08:18 PM
    Hey, saw your post w/ your controllers and then saw your background and just wondering what is your gaming area like?

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