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Conversation Between Barad and BiggD
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  1. Barad
    12-24-2013 12:39 PM
    Meh. Everyone knows you're going to write Halo 5 guide so it's all good!
  2. BiggD
    12-24-2013 05:52 AM
    Damn. Someone else already has a guide up. Yeah, there can always be more than one, but I don't like when that happens. Oh well, now I can relax and not worry about writing
  3. BiggD
    12-24-2013 02:32 AM
    It's hilarious when he does It is indeed a bitch: tight hallways, confusing layout for rooms, Flood with guns. Terrible, terrible.

    You suck! Start it this week, it's pretty awesome!
  4. Barad
    12-24-2013 02:23 AM
    LOL fucking poxy good for nothing skulls. To be fair Nozza gets easily pissed and it's funny when he does but that's insane how you lot did it under 3 mins. That level was annoying.

    I bought Wolf back then too but still haven't started it..fucking typical!
  5. BiggD
    12-24-2013 02:09 AM
    Fuck those skulls, "energy shields automatically deplete when shooting," what kinda skull is that?! total bullshit

    And oh yeah LOL he was getting so mad and I'm a fool for thinking so. But we beat it in like 2.9 minutes so that's that. Oh, and I've played it! I downloaded it the week after you recommended it but ugh, free? I should have waited :/
  6. Barad
    12-24-2013 02:04 AM
    Indeed. Look forward to continuing the co-op.. then redoing everything with skulls because we can. I Lol'd at your silly assumption about that 21 min achievement on CEA with Nozza..You silly shit!

    I know I recommended Wolf Among Us to you ages ago, it seems to be free today!
  7. BiggD
    12-24-2013 02:00 AM
    Hahah, no worries! I ended up getting it on the second mission so maybe you'll get it there too. The Co-Op medals are impossible to distinguish so I hope TA or someone else has info on those. For the Infected achievement, I think you might be right. But it's 100GS which is...odd, lol. Definitely easy on the first level now that we understand how the bloody game works.
  8. Barad
    12-24-2013 01:56 AM
    Yeah the story should be solid, all the mission specific achievements don't look terribly hard either. It's sad, I didn't even get gold on the first mission of the first Operation lol let down. I'm curious to what the co-op medals are exactly, and the infected achievement. Maybe those fuckers not jumping on your back or not dying or something..
  9. BiggD
    12-24-2013 01:51 AM
    LOL you know me well then

    6 achievements for that much GS? Madness. The SP is indeed easy, and pretty fun! Just finished the first "Operation" which is 5 missions long and even though it's short, it's very fun!
  10. Barad
    12-24-2013 01:42 AM
    Ha! I was 90% sure you were going to bring that up. If you like. The other versions didn't have co-op so you should I guess.

    I just had a good look, and the list is split into 500G SP & CO-OP yet there's like 6 CO-OP achievements lol. We should be able to get all of them except maybe all gold on all missions. The SP looks simple enough.

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