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Conversation Between Barad and BiggD
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  1. Barad
    12-26-2013 02:20 AM
    Ok brilliant. I know will end up buying the credits too ha! Fucking microtransactions got to us. -_- "Play with 5 people" is a joke, I was sat there searching for people through different missions for 2hrs the other day and finally got it.

    Once co-op is done, maybe get back to BF4?
  2. BiggD
    12-26-2013 02:13 AM
    Sounds like a plan to me. We each only have one or two medals so that won't take long and now that we're pro at the game, all five levels will go by fast for both of us to get our "beat your partner's score" achievement. And that's actually not a bad idea and it's pretty cheap, I might do the same maybe

    I also check and am 49% done with the 10k kills so I'd say we're already at the halfway point for that one. Just gotta find 4 randies through matchmaking and get that achievement for myself over the weekend. If only the Co-Op was more challenging, but we'll definitely have it done before next week!
  3. Barad
    12-26-2013 02:04 AM
    When we next play, we should finish off the medals and then play all five missions, in order with you getting the higher score each time. You should unlock it! Also, don't hate me but I'll probably buy the 650 credits pack as it's only 2 and I can use the score booster 13 times. So when you have enough XP to buy boosters we can easily Gold all of them. And that's co-op done as we'll have the 10k kills by then!

    Loving the co-op, but I'd hate to drag this out into next week haha!
  4. BiggD
    12-25-2013 11:41 PM
    Not sure if you got my messages on LIVE, but I've been on for an hour trying to get in touch with you My Xbox froze before and glitched my game so I need to factory reset it - so I lost everything Give me 3 minutes and I'll invite you to a party.
  5. Barad
    12-25-2013 11:34 PM
    I'll be on for another 90 mins otherwise hopefully you can play a little earlier tomorrow. It's nearly midnight so! But at least you'll be done with CEA.

    This new look for the site is sharp.
  6. BiggD
    12-25-2013 09:59 PM
    Just got it today, sister bought it for me. Yeah, the snow is fucking crazy, but a really nice touch to the game even if it's annoying for driving and flying.

    And NEARLY done with Anniversary, I hope you're on late cause I need some SA Co-Op action today!
  7. Barad
    12-25-2013 08:49 PM
    You finally got Zoo Tycoon? Awesome. Yeah, I only drove around in the snow for a few minutes and there wasn't really that much difference in the handling except faster cars would slide more when driving off.. but landing a plane at a night is too risky ha!
  8. BiggD
    12-25-2013 07:04 PM
    We definitely will. I'm just gonna mess around with Zoo Tycoon for a bit, then we'll jump on some Halo if you can. And I booted up GTA last night at like 1am when I got home and that snow is fucking annoying I tried landing my plane on the runway but mistook it for a body of water and sunk it to the bottom of the ocean. You can barely see shit at night with that snow!
  9. Barad
    12-25-2013 03:38 PM
    You too brother. Hopefully get some Halo done tonight. If you get a chance, you should boot up GTA and head online for a second to check out the snow, it's pretty cool but the novelty will wear off in about 2 minutes.
  10. BiggD
    12-25-2013 04:16 AM
    I love those images - and even though there's an hour left here, Merry Christmas, man, I hope you have a good day!

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