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Conversation Between LilMissRoxy and Buckswana
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  1. Buckswana
    12-23-2008 01:59 AM
    Thanks! Cute pic. Hope you have a great Christmas and New Year!
  2. LilMissRoxy
    12-22-2008 04:59 PM

    **Happy Holidays!!!**
  3. LilMissRoxy
    12-09-2008 12:10 AM
    No problem. I don't think I can really commit to anything during the week as I'm on randomly. I work from 9:00-6:30pm and then it takes awhile to get home. If you're around and still don't have it completed I'll give you a hand though. Have a good night!
  4. Buckswana
    12-08-2008 04:36 PM
    Hey there-how's it going? Sent you a quick message on XBL, but can't put much in there lol. Just wanted to say sorry I had to hop off last night-had a friend drop by that I hadn't seen for a long time at 7:30. I see you finished up K for K already, but if you can still help me out I'd really appreciate it. I'm tied up tonight playing GoW2 with a friend for awhile, but maybe after that or Tuesday night. If you're done with it, not a problem. Hope you have a great day!! 8)
  5. Buckswana
    10-31-2008 08:52 PM
    Thanks, Happy Hallowe'en to you too! Hope you have a great weekend!
  6. LilMissRoxy
    10-31-2008 05:03 PM

  7. LilMissRoxy
    10-02-2008 07:28 PM
    It's Thursday!!!!! woo and the day is halfway over. Yep part of being management is getting the crappy deal sometimes. :/ Yeah my preference is rock too. My teacher was a sexist for sure. She wouldn't take me off flute and thought it was very 'masculine' of me to even want to consider the drums. So I quit.
    Enjoy the rest of your day.. I'm getting over my hangover today
  8. Buckswana
    10-01-2008 09:04 PM
    Yup, get to do extra work, for no extra pay... Oh well, part of being management I guess. At least we're 1/2 way to the weekend!! Too bad you don't still play guitar. Same as you - I can listen to just about anything, depending on my mood. I guess my preference is classic rock, or anything with a good groove. I lucked out in high school-I got to play drums because I already knew how, and it was one less person for the teacher to worry about lol. You should look into a keyboard if you miss it - you can get them pretty cheap now.
    Sucks about your boss. Sometimes they're even worse when they used to be a co-worker and get promoted. Like they're trying to prove they're better than the people under them. Mine isn't too bad, but sometimes.....AAARRRGGGHHHH!!
    We'll definitely play some hockey sometime, I'm always up for a game!
    Hope your week's going ok, and the rest goes by quick!
  9. LilMissRoxy
    09-30-2008 06:36 PM
    Ewwww you gotta do double the work. This will be a crappy week for you.
    I wish it was Friday.......darn it.. it's only Tuesday!!!!!!!! Our lives are horrible. lol!
    I actually don't own a guitar I used to play on my dads back in the day. I played it before I picked up the rhythm games actually. I like a little bit of all music, I know.. that's so cliche. What are you into? I used to play flute in the school band years ago.. I ended up quitting because they wouldn't let me play drums. I taught myself to play piano but I wish I had one more accessible so I could play more often.
    Yeah my boss used to be my co-worker.. she was always uptight and power hungry but now it's gotten even worse. And she wonders why she's 50, single, no family or friends.. *facepalm*.
    Oh I will take any hockey tips! We will for sure have to play sometime.
    Have a good day too!
  10. Buckswana
    09-29-2008 08:59 PM
    I know-this weekend blew by way too quick! And my boss is gone this week, so I get to do his work too...crap! Is it Friday yet?
    Yeah, I really enjoy the rhythm games too, just not that good yet. You play guitar too? Sweet! What kind of guitar do you have? How long have you been playing? What kind of music are you into? My first instrument is drums, but I also play guitar/bass, a little keyboards, and used to play a trumpet.
    Nice that you've got good co-workers. It makes all the difference, especially with a crappy boss. Most of the guys I work with are great, but there's a few.... Seems like no matter where you work, there's always at least one.
    For sure we'll have to play some hockey some time! I'm sure you're not that bad, and I can give you some tips (if you need them). I can always help you out with any achievements if you need it as well. I still have 08 if you need a hand in that too.
    Hope you had a good day, talk to you later!

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