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Conversation Between NeedToAchieve and Tyger7
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  1. Tyger7
    08-29-2012 10:28 AM
    When checking those, it seems them being used in the actual achievements guides would be better. The only problem with stickying video guides is that there are tons of them out there. Plus it gets redundant having an achievement guide with the videos and the videos by themselves. I would rely on the achievement guides for some of them if you are looking for youtube views. That's where everyone clicks.
  2. NeedToAchieve
    08-28-2012 06:41 PM
    Transformers Fall Of Cybertron Is almost finished - Collectibles and level specific achievements - Also i am making the lets play/ walkthrough at the same time. Hence why the collectibles arent all up yet - Not sure if i shall be posting a walkthrough yet though

    Goldeneye 007 - In Progress - Full Collectible - Level specifics, weapon etc

    Sniper Elite v2 Collectibles

    London 2012 Level Achievements

    Velvet Assassin - Pretty much full 1k videos

    I have load more guides completed but not on x360a i dont think - But i am trying to resolve that - I really do prefer how your guides / roadmaps are made - And i would like to contribute more to x360a in the coming months - Let me know if you can do anything - If not no problem. But i thank you for your time
  3. Tyger7
    08-28-2012 04:21 AM
    I'll look into the stickies Paul. Just let me know which games!
  4. NeedToAchieve
    08-27-2012 09:26 PM
    Hello there tyger, Sorry to bother you with something medial i guess - But i was wonderign how i go about getting my guides stickied? I put alot of time into them for them to slip down the forum - I am using x360a alot more for posting my guides, but i would like for people to see them too, rather being dropped down the list with people ranting about the game. If you could help that would be awesome

    - Paul

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