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Conversation Between Bax x360a and Minty
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  1. Bax x360a
    03-04-2010 03:52 PM
    Bax x360a
    Hi mate, long time no speak, how's America treating you?
  2. Bax x360a
    10-31-2008 10:21 PM
    Bax x360a

    Biggest spamfest ever between dethklock and simbadee! Quite amusing.
  3. Minty
    09-26-2008 10:11 PM
    Not really my cup of tea lol
  4. Bax x360a
    09-26-2008 10:05 PM
    Bax x360a
    Cute enough for you in my pics?
  5. Minty
    09-25-2008 06:40 PM
    Yeah it's all going well thanks mate. Just about got used to it lol.
  6. Bax x360a
    09-25-2008 06:24 PM
    Bax x360a
    Cheers mate. Should be back by the pub by 11ish tomorrow so I'll log on and see if you're online. Hows USA life?
  7. Minty
    09-25-2008 06:21 PM
    Not the type of cute sweethearts I like

    Probably be on tomorrow night as well lol. WIll have a word with Webble, but it's his baby lol
  8. Bax x360a
    09-25-2008 06:14 PM
    Bax x360a
    I am a cute sweetheart I'd love to have a game mate and cheers for the invite I'm off to see Tropic Thunder tonight. When you next playing? Oh yeah, put in a good word to Webb about me getting back on the review team please Thats if you would want me back on of course.
  9. Minty
    09-25-2008 06:10 PM
    If you were a cute sweetheart, I may. But you aint

    Me and Hayden will be on Tiger like 10 or 11 UK time if you fancy a game btw
  10. Bax x360a
    09-25-2008 05:58 PM
    Bax x360a
    Mints, you need to change your status to "Not as cute as Bax "

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