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Conversation Between Greg0fTheDead and Vendetta
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  1. Greg0fTheDead
    02-11-2010 09:35 PM
    dude if you could hook me up with some good borderlands weps that would be sweet, its this moxxi dlc man, its driving me insane!!! the next one sounds alot better though.
  2. Vendetta
    02-04-2010 08:43 PM
    Getting the modded weapons that people have. Infinite ammo and retarded damage. If you want them let me know. I can do the old join your game, drop, leave so I still have them trick
  3. Greg0fTheDead
    02-04-2010 05:47 AM
    to be specific, gonna wait on the second playthru because bioshock 2 is right around the corner! we should hit up the MP on that next week
  4. Greg0fTheDead
    02-04-2010 05:45 AM
    haha hey man I hear ya, shit I got backyard on my q! but im a pretty big football fan. anyway, you gotta play mass effect 2, its honestly one of my all time favorite games, im already debating my second playthrough, but I think I want to wait on that. also, whats the secret to the moxi borderlands cheevos? my brother and I play co op at level 45 and we got our asses WHIPPED! take it easy man
  5. Vendetta
    02-04-2010 01:17 AM
    ha ha ha

    Avatar takes 5 min. That is ok. Same with Backyard. No more wasting 4 hours on shit. 5 minutes? That is ok by me

    I always wanted to play Lost Odyssey again though This time I will be getting Treasure Trove with minimal hassle unlike last time
  6. Greg0fTheDead
    02-03-2010 06:17 AM
    I read some of your profile backlog and I hear ya brother. But I still could never drop that lost ody one if I were you!!! those achievements were fucking insane.
  7. Greg0fTheDead
    02-03-2010 06:07 AM
    I gotta ask man- I saw you dropped your old tag for the new one but why didnt you just change your name if your gonna add avatar again??? not trying to sound like an ass, but im very curious since you had some real gems on your old tag. *cough* LOST ODY *cough*

    dont let that go to waste!!!! I treasure my blue dragon 1000/1000!!

    lastly, you need to play mass effect 2. ASAP.
  8. Vendetta
    05-02-2009 02:46 PM
    So excited for Tuesday.... saw you started up dead rising. I need to boot that baby back up myself.
  9. Greg0fTheDead
    04-18-2009 07:14 AM
    Oh man, 2 1/2 playthroughs sounds kinda intense, I snagged 740 or so on one playthrough and felt pretty good about that but it took a damn lot of time. Its an incredible game on playthrough #1 but I'm not sure I could do a second playthru like I did mass effect. My advice is that the little mad scientist ach. is glitched so get that early and be ready for one achievement per boss fight. either way, its a game that should be played once at the very least. I havent gotten versus but if that spot is still open, id be down for sure, let me know
  10. Vendetta
    04-13-2009 10:50 PM
    I decided to start up Tales of Vesperia and passed up Mass Effect & Star Ocean. Got any pointers? I read it is 2 1/2 playthroughs which sucks.

    Also you getting the RE 5 Versus? I have 3 other people wanting to boost it and we need a 4th. We can probably all get them in one afternoon too. Let me know!

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