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Conversation Between Timmsy and ellamouse9
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  1. Timmsy
    11-24-2010 12:20 PM
    i dont think i will 1000/1000 Fable III now, the game ruined itself for me i will still do collectables etc but i have no villagers at all or open shops as i didnt know that you only had 4 missions until the end fight so i didnt have a chance to raise the money to get an army and save everyone, i may go back and redo it all again, i still need to get married nad have a baby with you though....

    one the game haha

    i am smashing Assassins Creed : Brotherhood at the moment it is like the most amazing game this year, i love the AC series so much! I hope to 1k that at least, and i need to finish the last 90 points on Star Wars The Force Unleashed
  2. ellamouse9
    11-23-2010 01:22 PM
    It's because I was doing game updates (which always signs you out then back in), plus I had a corrupt game saved in Oblivion and was trying various methods of retrieving it, mostly having to switch the xbox off every 5 mins. Bah!

    Wow, get you! i am going to rent Fable 3, joined LoveFilm so am quite excited to see which they send em first! What are you working on after?
  3. Timmsy
    11-23-2010 12:34 PM
    ha after all that the only time you actually come online after weeks and weeks and weeks and its like you signed in 27 times? you jsut kept popping up on my screen as now online every 20 seconds?

    you really need to sort your internet out lol

    soon i wont have any achievements to get on Fable III lol
  4. Timmsy
    11-05-2010 05:19 PM
    ah i will have to see if my brother still has a copy of GTA as i sold mine lol
  5. ellamouse9
    11-05-2010 02:32 PM
    Accepted! We'll have to get together sometime and do some GTA IV achievements too
  6. Timmsy
    11-05-2010 02:21 PM
    fandabidosey! your permission is appreciated :P
  7. ellamouse9
    11-05-2010 02:10 PM
    Awesome, add me if you like then!
  8. Timmsy
    11-05-2010 02:00 PM
    haha whore yourself out with fable 3 :P

    yeah thats cool well at least if i have you on my freinds list then you can give me a poke if you ever want a hand getting one of the co op achievements there are then
  9. ellamouse9
    11-05-2010 01:37 PM

    Yep am up for the Fable 2 achievements, although I don't have regular Live access at the mo - no broadband at home, just a lousy dongle! I do occasionally go to my mum's for the weekend and use it there though.

    I haven't got Fable 3 yet, and I believe I am promised to another I could just act like a total slut though...we're still talking about Fable 3 here! Hehe.
  10. Timmsy
    11-03-2010 04:45 PM
    hey i see you are currently working on Fable 2, if you need help getting any of the achievements for Co-Op then add me if you want as i own the game still and you are not from the annoying US :P

    also if you are going to them get fable 3 i have it sitting here in wrapping for when i have finished what i am already playing so worth having me on your freinds list so we can do the achievements on there at a later date too, as there is ones like marry a female in another world and stuff or have a kid, if you wanna have a kid with me i'm game hahaha

    gt = timmsy

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