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Conversation Between jackanape and CovertDog
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  1. jackanape
    10-02-2012 08:39 AM
    Yeah I'm in GMT, but we can get going whenever you're free. Sent you a FR on Live, so just let me know when is best. I'm in no super rush, just thought I'd start planning really, ha ha!
  2. CovertDog
    10-01-2012 04:23 PM
    Are you in GMT time zone? Im -3 GMT. That would be difficult during the week as I would be going to work as you were getting off and i get off at like 3 am your time. Weekends would be better. This coming weekend is a thanksgiving here so I'll be busy most if it, but may have time on Saturday. If not there is always another weekend ever 7 days. lol If i dont get a chance to send you a friends request before you read this, send me one.
  3. jackanape
    10-01-2012 01:24 PM
    Legend. I've been on holiday for the past couple of weeks, but I'm back now. What times are best for you, as I don't mind staying up late to get this done - better that it's more suitable for you seeing as you're the one doing me a favour, ha ha!
  4. CovertDog
    09-15-2012 06:19 PM
    Hay. If we can figure out a time I can.
  5. jackanape
    09-14-2012 01:12 PM
    Hello sir. I happened to notice (by happened, I mean I was trawling the leaderboards) that you are a Rank 50 on Table Tennis. Any chance you still have the game and would be willing to help me out? PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!........ahem.
  6. jackanape
    10-16-2009 08:17 AM
    Ha ha, its the whole thing of me being lazy and not having a second console thats giving me the trouble really. But I'm working on it........slowly.

    I'm hoping to get them both done so I can have the whole set of 360 NHL games in a nice row.
  7. jackanape
    10-15-2009 02:16 PM
    I've just gone back to NHL 09 - almost a year to the day after asking you how to boost it. Ha ha, are ya proud of me? I had to filter through 73 pages of visitor messages to find your advice again.

    Also started NHL 10 too, what was I thinking?
  8. jackanape
    01-11-2009 11:55 AM
    Hey man. I don't normally moan but could you kindly lock this thread as it is just turning into back and forth spamming. By me too I admit.
  9. jackanape
    10-15-2008 11:51 AM
    Legend - nice one man.
  10. jackanape
    10-15-2008 11:47 AM
    I know I said I'd stop bugging you, this is the absolute last thing ha ha! In NHL 09 can you get the Legend card online through having someone quit all 150 games or do you need to play some too?

    I'll leave you alone now. Thanks for all your help though.

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