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Conversation Between Bishop24 and The Pants Party
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  1. Bishop24
    11-28-2009 11:51 PM
    I actually did not do the 75 wins in NCAA 09 but I've heard it takes a few hours due to the fact you have to play a full half before you can quit out. But yes both players would get the achievement at the same time since you only play 75 games and not win 75.

    If you need someone to help you with that achievement I'll help out since I need the achievement as well.
  2. The Pants Party
    11-28-2009 03:09 PM
    The Pants Party
    Hey dude, was looking for some easy games to add to my Gamefly. Do you remember how long it took to do the 75 online in NCAA 09? I know you can quit after the half, so two players can both get it at the same time, right?
  3. Bishop24
    08-02-2009 12:24 AM
    Oh no problem. I fixed that on other guides but forgot about that one. I'll do it tonight and will add it to the PC version as well. Sorry about that.

    EDIT: Done
  4. The Pants Party
    08-01-2009 07:12 PM
    The Pants Party
    Two things: Can you copy the Fuel guide over from the PC one to the normal one as well? ID 858, copy from ID 1130. And inside the guide, when doing the HTML for the Youtube video, make sure the dimensions are only 480x295 max. If you look at the PC one, it is stretching the page because it is too big.
  5. The Pants Party
    07-03-2009 07:50 PM
    The Pants Party
    Yup, submission looks good.

    Routine recently moved and currently does not have internet access until I think Mon/Tues next week. I'll be sure to remind him then.
  6. Bishop24
    07-03-2009 06:59 PM
    I submitted some color achievements for Infernal: Hell's Revenge. All the one's I had that were still greyed out on here. I refreshed the list twice before submitting them and they were still greyed out. Let me know if I submitted them right or not. I think I did everything correctly though.

    Also, any idea on when I'll have access to add guides to the site?
  7. Bishop24
    06-14-2008 11:11 PM
    Alright man, just thought I would help out, but I hear you that nobody uses them.
  8. Bishop24
    05-24-2008 06:42 PM
    Alright man, appreciate it.
  9. Bishop24
    05-24-2008 06:35 PM
    Just thought I let you know, I have 1,000 posts now and no award for it. Just thought I would let you know. But I'm in no hurry in getting it.

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