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Conversation Between Ashz0r and Parkerktm
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  1. Parkerktm
    09-22-2008 12:53 AM
    i agree, i personally think people on this site feel threatend by me, i knonw that sounds silly, but i get bashed by a particular group of 4 members for nothing, for spamming which i've never once done. I think there jealous because my post count is higher or something cuz whenever i ask for proof there like fuck u, lol.

    Regardless, i feel the same way you do, i won't force a freinship, especially an online one, but once you disrespect me in anyway (especially for no reason) then your on my bitch list and you can pretty much count on my getting pist off. lol.
  2. Ashz0r
    09-22-2008 12:47 AM
    I tend to normaly get along with everbody.. I'm one of those people that try to be friends with everyone.. only time that i'm not friends with someone is when they really don't want to like me.. but thats their choice and I will always accept friendship from them if they choose to change their mind at any time..

    Everybody falls out over things that happen, normaly for very silly issues.. some times its best just to brush it off and try again.

    Then again some people just aren't compatible and personalilties clash but its always best to try to get along
  3. Parkerktm
    09-22-2008 12:36 AM
    i'm the exact way, but with verteran members like sanction, birky, bodangles, and blind.

    bodangles got band for something he said.
  4. Ashz0r
    09-22-2008 12:30 AM
    I stopped visting for a while for the exact same sort of reasons.. I guess you could say im rather well known here now, but I felt alot of the new members rather then try to make friends with me were obessesed with trying to proove anything I said wrong lol.. Was like being under attack every time I posted something.
    They probably thought it would make them cool if they made me look bad xD
    Come back recently because I have made alot of friends on the forums and i'm not going to let the people that are just out to get me ruin that
  5. Parkerktm
    09-22-2008 12:05 AM
    where have you been man, you were on the site non stop for a few months and then few off the grid. Everything ok?

    I'm getting ready to leave the site here soon, tired of all the fags that swarm the forums and think there better then us because there subscribers or mods at

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