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Conversation Between Maka and BiggD
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  1. BiggD
    Yesterday 05:45 AM
    In my personal opinion, do one video for ALL terminals, then another terminal for ALL skulls. I know there's 13 terminals and 15 skulls so that may seem like a lot, but one video per skull is kinda tedious and for selfish purpose - since I'm using your videos for my guide - all of my skull achievements say to refer to the overall skull achievement for a video

    Nah. I think people will be fine with it. So long as you back up a bit and talk about the general location of the mission where the skull is, people will follow easily.

    Either way, if you come across some special info or other new content in the game, do share if allowed! Enjoy the awesome H2A cutscenes too.
  2. Maka
    Yesterday 05:05 AM
    Yeah, I'll be covering as much as possible.

    My biggest inner debate is how to separate videos to be honest. 1 giant videos for all of H2A, are separate skulls out to 1 video, or 1 video per skull. And then have terminals with the same video or not. That's where the mess will be.

    I'll probably stick to 1 video for all the skulls, one for all the terminals, and one for the the toys. Achievement Hunters may not absolutely love it, but the general YouTube population interested in skulls wont be interested in the other shit.
  3. BiggD
    Yesterday 04:27 AM
    Ahh, fair enough. Damn, I am really jealous you got it nearly three weeks early, dude!!

    No worries. No rush for anything, you have plenty of time (other than covering the other games too). Remember, if possible, while focusing on H2A collectibles, try to nab some footage for Easter Eggs cause it might be tough to write about those in text!
  4. Maka
    Yesterday 03:10 AM
    They have builds ready super early. It's been ready for a while. They hold on to them until they are ready. They know how big the game is, so I guess they decided to send it earlier than later.

    I don't have any online capabilities until the 20GB content update goes live though. I'm gonna play 1 mission or so tonight in H2A. Then tomorrow I have a few important things with Sunset, but I should get a decent start on it on Saturday/Sunday.
  5. BiggD
    Yesterday 02:47 AM
    Halo!!! How did Microsoft send review copies out so early?
  6. Maka
    Yesterday 01:07 AM
    Guess what I'm starting tonight...
  7. BiggD
    10-19-2014 05:06 PM
    Lastly, Halo 2; toys, terminals and skulls could all use videos, as well as easter eggs. But now I'm just repeating myself I'll leave it up to you but any easter egg in any game could really benefit from videos.

    Like I mentioned, I finished the roadmap, overall achievements, and Halo: CE achievements and will be doing Halo 2 on Thursday, Halo 3 on Friday, and Halo 4 next weekend. Let me know whenever you begin starting your video work and I'll always be around to communicate if necessary.
  8. BiggD
    10-19-2014 05:05 PM
    Shiiiiiet, I coulda sworn you were in fact a robot. I'm disappointed :/

    Nah, but in that case, should I just reuse your Halo 4 achievement videos then? There's only one new Halo 4 achievement worth covering. It looks to be an easter egg about "sticks and marines" or something.

    As for Halo: CE, if you do end up doing videos, that would be awesome. A lot of easter eggs have information on Halo Wiki so you can maybe look up info there, do it in video form, and then publish the video. I have text-based info for Halo: CE skulls, but not text-based info for Halo: CE terminals, so maybe terminals need videos but not skulls. Mission specific Halo: CE achievements don't really need videos.

    As for Halo 3, tons of easter eggs may need videos. As well as terminals. Again, skull videos aren't necessary (unless you want to) cause I have text info for those.
  9. Maka
    10-19-2014 06:59 AM

    Regardless of all the available titles in the package, my primary focus will be on covering the H2A stuff first and foremost. I would then most likely focus attention to Halo 3, then CEA and lastly H4. I haven't spent too much time going out and listing everything yet, so bare with me, I don't know what EXACT videos I will be making. Skulls/Terminals/Collectibles for H2 FOR SURE. For the rest, I will have to see how my time with the games go.

    On top of all of this, I have to cover COD AW leading up to its launch, AC Unity in the same week (if possible) and then Far Cry 4 the week after, so I'll be quite busy. I'm aiming to have videos posted by the launch of Nov 11, but some might be delayed, as I'm not a robot.

    PS. Visitor messages have a 1,000 character limit? dafuq.
  10. Maka
    10-19-2014 06:58 AM

    If I were you, I'd hold off the most on Halo 2 information. A lot has changed from my conversation with the developers.

    I won't remake videos for H4, there's no point, and there's no "new" achievements that need it, and I don't think the game has been altered in any way (even graphically). I never covered Halo CEA when it came out so I don't have anything for it yet either. Looking back now, I actually never even made H3 guides until the DLCs started coming out, and YouTube quality was a joke back then, so they would need to be remade if possible.

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