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Conversation Between Maka and Barad
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  1. Barad
    03-28-2014 04:56 PM
    Yeah, I guess I will get into Trials soon enough.
  2. Maka
    03-28-2014 04:56 AM
    Oh man, Trials is incredible. You've missed out. Like a lot. But it's not easy, and takes a lot of dedication to get good at to be honest.

    I'm getting a review copy about a week early via XB1 download code assuming everything goes to plan.

    And yeah, MXGP doesnt release in NA, or at least Canada.
  3. Barad
    03-28-2014 04:23 AM
    For real? Sounds good. I actually haven't played a single Trials game, though I own Evolution from a sale. I figured Fusion was going to be an easier and crazier version of the previous two titles due to the focus on custom tracks and funny looking courses we've seen in videos so far. Not sure if I'm going to get it just yet though.

    You buying for the One or review copy?

    Also, my poxy MXGP order got delayed till Monday by fucking Amazon. Not that you care lol.
  4. Maka
    03-28-2014 03:17 AM
    Just played the Trials Fusion PC Beta for an hour. T'was incredible. As good as previous iterations. It plays just like the previous ones, the maps are good, the concepts are outrageous, and the challenges add even more replay value for every level. It's just as hard as the previous one too.

    Thought I would let you know. I wasn't optimistic, but after playing it, I'm pretty excited.
  5. Maka
    03-26-2014 07:48 PM
    He's a comedian, he sucks on purpose.

    MileStone has a reputation of not releasing in NA. The PR guy won't send one because he's not sure if the disk is region free either.

    And I don't have money to buy a PAL console for MXGP... of all games.
  6. Barad
    03-26-2014 07:30 PM
    Haha. The twat doesn't know how to play with manual gears.. Doesn't look amazing but hopefully turns out decent. LOL no NA release? That's embarrassing. I'll import you a copy free of charge, you need to buy a PAL console.
  7. Maka
    03-26-2014 07:06 PM
    btw, here's a (fake) review of MXGP:

    It looks awful to be honest, and I dont think it's even coming to North America.
  8. Barad
    03-21-2014 02:13 PM
    Lol GTFO X1. I've already pre-ordered the game as it comes out on the 28th anyway. One week!
  9. Maka
    03-21-2014 02:36 AM
    MXGP demo out March 28th on Xbox Live. Xbox, Ah Snap! Stop listening.
  10. Barad
    03-15-2014 10:50 AM
    Alright, sounds good.

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