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Conversation Between Keano and LilMissRoxy
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  1. Keano
    08-25-2010 01:14 AM
    Hey, cheers for the birthday message. Bit of a late reply but better late than never!
  2. LilMissRoxy
    08-09-2010 03:52 PM
    Hi Keano! Happy Birthday
  3. Keano
    01-12-2010 10:54 PM
    Think it was only a week and a half actually! Can't blame you with the mountains of messages you get though.

    Glad you liked the coal after all, after all my effort! See you can get by easily without a 55 inch t.v but without coal well you wont have a nice warm fire! (If we just ignore the invention of electric fires).

    And MHM2 is a pathetic excuse for a game. It doesn't even deserve to be a topic of conversation. Although I did play King Kong so my gamercard has already been tarnished with the worst game in history.
  4. LilMissRoxy
    01-12-2010 01:17 AM
    Um.. this post wasn't 2 weeks old either was it? err.. .forget that.

    Oh.. also, I love this coal? Thank you so much. I'm not ungrateful honest..even compared to the TV I just bought.. I love the coal the most. My horse and me 2 is actually not that bad!! It had it's moments of fun.
  5. Keano
    01-03-2010 06:31 PM
    Seeing as that message was over 2 weeks ago I don't think I'll be able to remember what I wrote. I'm afraid you'll have to settle for my short messages. Quality is more important than quantity

    I went to a lot of trouble to get that coal for you, had to break in to my neighbours and remove it from his fireplace. Talk about ungrateful! Seeing as the GSL is over I have no desire to play My Horse and Me 2 anyway not that I would ever even consider putting it on my card My holidays were pretty good overall, just spent time with the family. Although the revision I had to do for my Economics exam wan't so great. How was your Christmas?

    And I can't say I have even noticed that the GSL has ended. When I got to 4k I gave up and played Modern Warafre 2 for the rest of it. I was pretty proud of my teams last placed finish though. Can imagine how annoying it must have been missing out on some good games for you though, 25k in two months is pretty awesome.

    Happy New Year!
  6. LilMissRoxy
    01-02-2010 07:34 AM
    You know what Keano, this is unacceptable. I only accept long visitor messages. You will just have to retype it all out again.

    Happy new year btw. How were your holidays? I got your present, it was a lump of coal. You cheap bastard. I'm returning your present, My horse and me 2.

    How happy are you that GSL is over? I'm so relieved.
  7. Keano
    12-23-2009 01:36 AM
    I had my long visitor message all typed out and then for some reason I closed the tab, I'm such a dumbass

    Anyway, just doing the usual stuff for Christmas, spending it with the family. I did send you a present but I had to guess your address so don't be suprised if it doesn't get to you

    I can only dream of what it would be like to play on a t.v that size. I'm stuck playing on a tiny 19".

    Also, good job in the GSL. Looks like your teams secured 3rd whilst we're stuck in last
  8. LilMissRoxy
    12-22-2009 11:55 PM
    I have the right to do so!! Just joking.

    My plans for Christmas? Just gonna hang out with friends. How about you? What did you get me??? Better be good. I actually got a Christmas present already... 55" sony xbr 8 ya baby!
  9. Keano
    12-11-2009 12:15 AM
    I know, theres you calling me a jerk yet your the mod! (Im only using this smilie so much because I dont know the codes for any others )

    And I know how you feel, Christmas totally gets in the way of gaming, stupid presents! What are your plans for Christmas then?

    My targets are always completely unrealistic as regards to the GSL. This time round I set myself a target of 30k overall and it was going well for a week where I reached around 3.5k and then MW2 came out and my score was stunted. I have racked up over 3 days on the multiplayer with no achievements. I have no plans of buying any new games and just cancelled my rental plan so looks like Ill be stuck at what Im at now
  10. LilMissRoxy
    12-10-2009 11:59 PM
    Hahah, good call. Creepy Keano.

    Life of a mod keeps me very busy. I am a huge jerk now.

    Thanks hun, I won't have half the game time I did last month so I had to put up all my score last month. I'm only getting to 75k and that's it for this month. If it was any other month but December... sigh.

    You're doing very well in GSL as well. Have any goals set to meet?

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