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Conversation Between Dav13s and VisionsOfDemise
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  1. VisionsOfDemise
    10-05-2012 03:18 PM
    Hahaha exactly, you have to find out what lowers the premium and just go with it. Insurance is ridiculous, it has to be said.
  2. Dav13s
    10-05-2012 02:08 PM
    Well then yea, that wouldn't be a good plan lol.

    1200 a year is awful, twice the value of the car. 1.6 isn't a big engine, and this one certainly isn't powerful. It's cheaper for me to insure a Swift GTi, if I could find a cheap one I'd get it. Got quoted 800 fully comp on one. Yea it's only a 1.3, but they're 101bhp, compared to the Astras 80ish and are well more desireable to thieves. Insurance is ridiculous, none of it makes sense. Another example. It's cheaper for my car to be insured as kept on the drive overnight rather than to be kept in the garage or on the driveway. By about 200 and 100 respectively. How does that make any sense?
  3. VisionsOfDemise
    10-05-2012 02:02 PM
    Parents don't drive, so I'm screwed there.

    1200 a year isn't bad. Anything from 1500 or less I could afford. I imagine your insurance would've been cheaper if the car wasn't a 1.6/worth more than a few hundred quid? :P
  4. Dav13s
    10-05-2012 01:12 PM
    No it's not, you're perfectly ok to have a parent as the main driver with you as a named. Bit more difficult if you don't live with your parents though.

    The thing is, being over 25 doesn't really bring your premium down to a decent level if you don't have any NCB. I was running a 1.6 '96 plate Astra, that was costing me about 1200 for the year. If I had a couple of years NCB, it would have been about 700. It's good to get NCB under your belt as early as possible really if you can.
  5. VisionsOfDemise
    10-05-2012 12:05 PM
    That's insurance fronting, having your own policy in someone elses' name.. Tut tut!

    I'd drive anything atm like, but I know if I wait it out I can have something with a bit more power, hopefully. I see 1.6 Focus Zetecs going all the time for around 400-500. Much rather have one of those than a shitty Vauxhall Corsa 1 litre!
  6. Dav13s
    10-05-2012 09:24 AM
    Escorts will be expensive. I had a 1.4 LX as mt 1st car when I was 19 (long time ago lol) that cost me 1200 3rd party F&T on my own policy. Best way is to get it insured under a parent's name with you as a named driver. Some companies offer no claims for named drivers, but you have to stay with that company to get the no claims on your own policy. Direct Line definitely do it cos I had a policy like that with them.

    The theory wasn't too bad for me, I passed it all three times I took it, just a pain I had to do it three times lol. 1st when I passed my test at 19, 2nd time was after I lost my license but I didn't take my practical within 2 years of passing it so you have to do it again, so I did it a 3rd time then did my practical again. Right pain in the arse lol
  7. VisionsOfDemise
    10-04-2012 10:36 PM
    Anyway, I'm 21 (just turned 21 in August, passed my test 2 days later).
    Been looking up insurance on 1 litre Corsas (cheapest quotes are on Corsa Cs, although I'd rather have a B?) Might just have to wait until I'm 25 and get something with a bit more oomph? Maybe a 1.6 Escort Finesse? If there's any left come 2016 anyway? Still really want a Sierra of some sort, but the chances of owning one are looking really slim now.

    Blackbox insurance seems shit, so you're rewarded with cheaper insurance for sitting at a roundabout for ages, because you can't pull away quickly as the box will go red and put your premium up? Yeah, no thanks. I'd rather just have third party fire and theft off another company...
  8. VisionsOfDemise
    10-04-2012 10:34 PM
    Thanks! Passed both parts first time. Theory was easy peasy for me, but I'm a bit of a brainbox when it comes to English and taking things in and stuff. It's maths where I'm terrible!

    Practical was so easy, I thought I failed because I stalled the car three times, twice on entrance to a really busy roundabout. My nerves were all over the place, I thought I had definitely failed like, but she was really nice and passed me. I was like ".... Really? I've passed? Seriously?" when she told me. Really didn't think it could be that easy. Didn't have to do a single manoeuvre. Makes me wonder why I spent so pissing long on them...
  9. Dav13s
    10-04-2012 09:56 PM
    Congrats on passing chap, I agree the practical is pretty easy. I found the theory harder than the practical each time I took it (3 times in all for the theory, 2 practicals, long story).

    Don't worry about not affording insurance, I work full time and a part time job at weekends and I'm trying to sell my car because I can't afford it lol. Blackbox insurance doesn't sound great to be honest.

    What cars you been looking for quotes on? Also, how old are you, can't remember if you said before? :S
  10. VisionsOfDemise
    10-04-2012 12:26 PM
    Hey, we had a conversation about cars absolutely ages ago. How's things?

    I passed my driving test back in August, had been learning since late January, only one lesson a week at 1 1/2 hours. Not bad I don't think, really. Anyway, test was piss easy. I was seriously surprised by how easy it was.

    Can't afford car insurance at my part time job though, so I'm just biding my time for the quotes to come down a bit. I don't want 'blackbox' insurance, that's for sure.

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