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Conversation Between pauly_27 and Capn Doug
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  1. Capn Doug
    01-06-2011 06:15 PM
    Capn Doug
    Evidence of the achievement clan? Not really, but the forums are littered with stories of people who got scammed. But then, randomly contacting a stranger online and sending them a MSP card is a pretty poor idea in the first place. Do that, you almost deserve to get ripped off. I was actually contacted by the guy offering to throw the game and spent a good 2 hours verifying that he was who he said he was. Even then, I was still leary.
  2. pauly_27
    01-06-2011 02:35 AM
    Wow, that sucks. If there is evidence of people doing this (ie forum posts) would it be possible to notify EA about it? Granted, they probably wouldn't do anything about it (especially now) but it might be worth a try.

    Some people are just total dicks.
  3. Capn Doug
    01-05-2011 05:34 PM
    Capn Doug
    Yeah, FN4 had probably the most ridiculous sports achievement in history (aside from maybe the Online with 1000 people). I mean, I did end up paying for the achievement in NHL 08, but it was through the site. There are two guys who created a Top 50 account through a lot of effort (and ripping off Wal-Mart) and would throw a game if you helped keep that account going, either through putting it back in the Top 50 or keeping it subscribed to gold. Big problem is that there is an achievement clan that has their sole goal as preventing anyone else from getting the Top 50 achievement. They captured 90% of the Top 50, and if there is someone new coming in, they just put their accounts back in.
  4. pauly_27
    01-05-2011 11:47 AM
    Thanks for the support. Definitely agree about leaderboard resetting, I know I encountered your same problem with people trying to charge for a title shot on Fight Night 4, so I feel your pain.
  5. Capn Doug
    01-05-2011 09:21 AM
    Capn Doug
    You sir, are a smart individual. Thanks for providing a voice of reason in the EA Server Closure article. I would normally be the only person defending it, so it's nice to know there are other vocal allies out there. The only thing I think they should do is reset the leaderboards for NHL 08 to make the Beating Tough Competition achievement easier (people try to charge MSP cards just to play them if they are in the Top 50). People still played that game, though, last I checked.

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