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Conversation Between Wreckon Dracgon and Vendetta
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  1. Vendetta
    04-13-2009 10:52 PM
    Congrats on the win in GSL. That was some damn good game playing over 200k?!!!
    I to the mighty KOTOR.
  2. Wreckon Dracgon
    04-11-2009 12:57 AM
    Wreckon Dracgon
    Indeed perhaps a little "Black" on Rock Band on Sunday as the league officially ends. And no worries about the message, hell I'm not one to complain I only check my XBLive messages once a week. I skim through them daily/semi daily but only respond on Sunday's most times.
  3. Vendetta
    04-11-2009 12:24 AM
    sorry i didnt respond right away to your msg on XBL. yes they indeed do rule THE PLANET! I purchased that super premium edition of the Ten reissue. EPIC! We will have to game some now that GSL is almost done
  4. Vendetta
    02-24-2009 10:23 PM
    damn wreckon... rogue beasted it last week. look forward to keeping tabs on you guys. I expect nothing less than utter abuse on everyone else.
  5. Vendetta
    01-29-2009 05:45 PM
    Once I get salary and only have to work 40 hrs I will be all about taking part in GSL. As I said though if you need boosters just let me know.

    Good Luck with it too man!
  6. Wreckon Dracgon
    01-29-2009 01:07 PM
    Wreckon Dracgon
    Same thing JDM said... except the Staff Team and playing just for fun parts
  7. Vendetta
    01-28-2009 06:37 PM
    I did not see you online last night.

    I just do not think I have enough time to dedicate to GSL. I am a very competitive person who views losing being equal to dying. I like to give 100% to everything competitive and I just do not have time.

    The shitty thing is I have easy games readily available to me (my parents run a video store) it is just that I am working 8-10 hrs and barely even have time to play casually as of late. If you guys need boosters just let me know though and I will be more than happy to help you guys out!
  8. Vendetta
    01-27-2009 07:10 PM
    I will be around 8pm tonight Mountain Standard Time after hitting up the gym. I would love to chat about GSL (I have so many cake games tucked away and plus lately I have not been increasing my gamerscore by very much and this may be the motivation I need to do so).
  9. Wreckon Dracgon
    01-23-2009 12:53 PM
    Wreckon Dracgon
    Sunday night should be good just hit me up when you get online.
  10. Vendetta
    01-22-2009 08:49 PM
    mr wreckon are you still boosting NFS or condemned? I will be on for a bit tonight and be gone this weekend and will return sunday so we could boost sunday night if you want to!

    EDIT: Thanks for the FR!

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