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Conversation Between The Pants Party and SGT Vejito
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  1. SGT Vejito
    03-18-2009 09:47 PM
    SGT Vejito
    Level 25 Pants :P

    Because of Tamiel's absorb HP and MP attack in universe he is a bit harder to take out then normal. Try Bacchus / Myuria / Faize / Edge, give all of them max HP boost, or at least Bacchus and Edge then use Bacchus to continually Blindside Tamiel, that should keep him from doing to much raid wide damage.

    From there just keep unleashing rush combo's as it's a safe way to take him down (with the large boost in rush guage increase he will be in rush mode quite often, so getting free combo's in will help your healers.

    He is somewhat succeptable to stun still though, so having Bacchus melee him can help wonders. Not much else I can think of to help though, GL.
  2. The Pants Party
    03-18-2009 07:20 PM
    The Pants Party
    Do you remember what level you were for Tamiel on Universe? I'm 30ish and he's one-shotting me. These higher difficulties are just plain annoying. Nothing but a grind-fest and a time-sink.
  3. SGT Vejito
    03-13-2009 01:36 AM
    SGT Vejito
    Took me a while too Pants, so don't fret.

    Inside the symbology menu in the battle menu you can disable any spell you do not want cast by pressing 'X' (X or Y, it says at the top of the screen which one for certain) You can tell it's shut off because the spell will be grayed out and the green 'ON' button will be darker then the others.

    Likewise, this can also be done from the main menu, go to Skills -> Use Skills and turn them on / off there.
  4. The Pants Party
    03-13-2009 12:43 AM
    The Pants Party
    So this is a stupid question after all the time I've spent on this game, but how do you disable specific spells for a character?
  5. The Pants Party
    02-24-2009 09:37 PM
    The Pants Party
    Alright, no worries dude. Thanks!
  6. SGT Vejito
    02-24-2009 09:23 PM
    SGT Vejito

    So far I haven't received the game yet, being in Canada I'm a day behind your release dates. With any luck I should have it later today if not then tomorrow morning. I'll try to track down a strategy guide as well to help with the raw information, and once I get it i'll start on the battle trophies for you.
  7. The Pants Party
    02-24-2009 07:35 PM
    The Pants Party
    You bought the SO strat guide, right? I am going to work on the monster guide first. I might be able to finish it before I leave work, already done the first 30. Could you work on typing up the battle trophies?

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