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Conversation Between KFZ Scrubs and Akiraa20
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  1. KFZ Scrubs
    07-25-2008 11:22 AM
    KFZ Scrubs
    Well its okay.... i'll stick wired
    But let me tell u this... i was really mad. This was b4 i learned how to mute too...then i realized i could jus turn the volume down.. but i couldn't most the time cuz i luv the games audio.
    I don't make sense.... end of story tho i was pissed off!!!!!!!!!!
  2. KFZ Scrubs
    07-25-2008 12:48 AM
    KFZ Scrubs
    Ohhh man... i'll probably stick wit my wire then.
    Srry tho..... but have you ever seen a girl pissed off!?!?!
    Holy crap..... i even scared myself that time, lil fuckin shit tarts pissed me off so bad!!!!
    Srry...... i was jus so freakin pissed at them....wish i rememberd their gt so i can beat the crap outa them
  3. KFZ Scrubs
    07-24-2008 01:17 PM
    KFZ Scrubs
    I don't wanna have to pay extra to get a wireless thing tho!! u have to pay for an extra thin for the xbox?
    Anyway... i used to talk online.... couldn't take the bullshit anymore (my thread on gta4) So now its strictly msgs..... so pissed off i smashed my headset...hate assholes online.
  4. KFZ Scrubs
    07-23-2008 11:24 PM
    KFZ Scrubs
    Ohhhh... cuz most the time when i play online i don't wanna be bothered cuz ppl always msg me about stupid shit after i play wit them.
    Then i jus play offline a lot cuz i gotta keep removing the cable from my computer and put it into my xbox.
  5. Akiraa20
    07-23-2008 09:01 PM
    So I was looking at some of your achievements on ur games and I noticed you got loads of them while disconnected from the net or just appearing offline just wondered why?
  6. Akiraa20
    07-21-2008 03:39 AM
    360 should be back on tuesday so i should be able to boost gta4 with u
  7. Akiraa20
    07-15-2008 04:43 AM
    ya pull ur faceplate off and u should have a silver seal that says microsoft on it, if thats damaged ur 3 years warrenty is void.
  8. KFZ Scrubs
    07-15-2008 01:19 AM
    KFZ Scrubs
    The warranty is... under my face plate?
  9. Akiraa20
    07-14-2008 04:44 PM
    MS extended the warranty to 3 years so if u console is less then 3 years old and the seal is still in tact under the faceplate they will fix it for free still.
  10. KFZ Scrubs
    07-14-2008 12:54 PM
    KFZ Scrubs
    I thought the warranty was the piece of paper that came in a box?

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