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Conversation Between KFZ Scrubs and MissMorphine
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  1. KFZ Scrubs
    07-14-2008 01:59 PM
    KFZ Scrubs
    Hey hey... do u have a ps3 too?
  2. MissMorphine
    06-29-2008 04:26 PM
    yeah a girl can always use a couple more gs points... and some shoes lol ive been whoring some games but im too lazy lol and yeah a friend of mine does the same for me he recovers my tag and whores games for me(lost, GTAIV,Galaga,GH3 among some others) rite now he got Avatar and CSI and he told me if i wanned and extra 2k... but i dont know if i want avatar in my tag... i mean MS suspended my account with 26k... and i think of this new tag i got as a new beggining so... i dunno if i should do it in the mean time im busy playing battlefield. u should get it and maybe we could kick some ass online anyways how was yer weekend?
  3. KFZ Scrubs
    06-28-2008 12:29 AM
    KFZ Scrubs
    Yea... i mite pick up that game when i get sum money cuz it sounds like it could be fun, plus i could use sum more ach... maybe a 1000 more?
    But yea, ima start lookin for ppl i can play wit online cuz i learned from gears that ppl can be real annoyin shitholes. Hahaha, i still play, but i let my friend recover my gamertag so he can play online for me and try to get the last 2 ach i need in gta4
  4. MissMorphine
    06-27-2008 07:00 PM
    yeah BF is fun fun plus has some fairly easy archivements. and u should play online its fun but im not gonna lie to you theres alot of crap talkers around. but theres also some cool ppl if u gonna play on live u try to play with someone u know cuz jumping blindly in a room full of strangers is like commiting suicide lol
  5. KFZ Scrubs
    06-27-2008 09:05 AM
    KFZ Scrubs
    OHhh battle field... is it good? I mite buy it when i get money.... looks loads fun, but im tight on money rite now.
    Well i mite start doin online co-op cuz there's a bunch of good games comin out and im gonna need it to get them..... sigh. I jus hope there aren't any buttholes playin online who jus wanna mess it up for me cuz ima chick... seriously hate that shit.
    Well keep practicin wit gh Cuz i picked up a guitar for the first time wit rockband and i beat expert in 2 days..... so wat im tryin to say is... u'll catch on quickly wit practice.
    Ohhh yea, nobody at home really wants to play wit me cuz they're not really into it like i am... maybe a friend once in a while... but thas about it.
  6. MissMorphine
    06-27-2008 04:44 AM
    im on the same boat i love shooters i got Battlefield: BC last nite... and i really like it... and im not that great on GH lol... i mean i play on normal and its too easy i get bored i play on hard and i can barely finish a song n thats if im lucky lol... u should give it a try co op online its awesome... n u wont get DC i have a really crappy crappy craaaaaapy connection and i never get DC or lag or anything at all... and i bet no one wants to play with you at home cuz they afraid u gonna pwn their asses huh?
  7. KFZ Scrubs
    06-26-2008 08:56 PM
    KFZ Scrubs
    Luv shooters...... rythem games are awsome too!
    I play gh3 and rockband, but not that good at them.
    I'd like to play co-op, but i don't like playin it online cuz im scared we'll get disconected durnin the game and no one wants to play wit me at home.
  8. MissMorphine
    06-26-2008 05:16 PM
    well im into shooters... oh yeah i love shooting stuff.. i really love GH3, Burnout Paradise. im really into co op games. thats a big plus for me. what about you?
  9. KFZ Scrubs
    06-26-2008 09:02 AM
    KFZ Scrubs
    Nice to meet u too
    So wat kinda games r u into?
  10. MissMorphine
    06-25-2008 03:46 PM
    hey nice to meet you too girl... oh and happy delayed bday

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