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Conversation Between jorGe62990 and Parkerktm
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  1. jorGe62990
    10-16-2008 05:58 AM
    Sorry for the late response...I go to Seton Hall University in New Jersey.
  2. jorGe62990
    10-16-2008 03:33 AM
    Hahaha that would be pretty damn funny, but then the school would probably move me out onto the street. still worth it though
  3. jorGe62990
    10-16-2008 03:26 AM
    True that. Thankfully mine isn't in the room a lot because he's too busy drinking/smoking. I do whatever the fuck I want in the room and he could care less. It basically is my room, so whenever he's in it I feel like saying, "Uhmm can I help you?"
  4. jorGe62990
    10-16-2008 03:17 AM
    Haha, once you see a college dorm you'll understand what I'm dealing with. I actually have ordered one of those temperpedic samples, and honestly I think they're overrated. I could sleep on a rock, so the NASA foam wouldn't really make a difference to me. I might get an apartment sometime next year so then I'm jacking the 42 incher from my house and making a gaming room!
  5. jorGe62990
    10-16-2008 03:11 AM
    Oh my god it's terrible. I want to keep playing but my knees are about to collapse so I have to stop after like 30 minutes or so. I could sit but my TV doesn't have good viewing angles so I'm forced to look straight on.
  6. jorGe62990
    10-16-2008 03:06 AM
    Yeah I really miss chilling on my couch and just shooting away. Sitting on a wooden chair or just standing up just ain't the same..
  7. Parkerktm
    10-16-2008 03:01 AM
    yea the last tv in my room was a 32 in. vizio lcd, and if i want to be on my game in RSV2 or COD4 i could not sit more then 3 feet away from the tv, now i can sit on my bed or recliner.
  8. jorGe62990
    10-16-2008 02:53 AM
    Wow, that's one hell of a birthday present! Yeah I'm not really picky about televisions, it's just the size that's killing me! Going form 42" to 19" was harder of transition than from high school to college! Last night I literally stood 2 feet from my TV while screaming orders in the endwar demo. Oh well, it's going to be hard playing all the new games while worrying about school work. I'll find the time though.
  9. Parkerktm
    10-16-2008 02:42 AM
    lol, yea, well before this weekend i hadn't been on my 360 for 6 weeks because i'm busy with football, friends, hw, and just being a teenager. I finally hop on during a bye week and it reminded me how much fun it really is, and then my dad has to go all anal on me, lol.

    I'm going to tell him my airsoft pistol discharged by accident, because he doesn't actually know it was the MAK-90.

    42 in, pshhh. lol, i got a 50 in. Pioneer Elite earlier this year for my b-day, sexy ass tv, probably the 2nd best tv on the market.

    sorry i'm just gloating, lol.
  10. jorGe62990
    10-16-2008 02:34 AM
    lol wow that gun looks pretty epic from what I can tell off of google images. I wouldn't blame your dad if he locked you in a closet for month! Having no xbox sucks big time. I'm in college so I can game anytime I want and pretty much do anything I want, but not having a 42 inch tv really kinda sucks. Oh well, I still think its worth it.

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