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Conversation Between Tricka21 and SetsunaFSeiei
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  1. SetsunaFSeiei
    07-21-2009 05:34 AM
    Seems you forgot to reply on my page xD

    However after DWG2 , i couldnt bring myself to play DW for a while , hence when i dont have DWG6 Empires xP

    I just feel if i CAN 1k it, then i should, games like .. Guitar Hero 3... i will never 1k xP

    Yeh i know what you mean , it feels great cause no everyone has it, alot of people have the same amount others , which is like some odd 400 points >3 My friend was actually borrowing mine for like ... a year so i can finally continue xD

    Lmao , LUCKY! I didnt learn from my mistakes, first 2 times i tried with trunks and failed at 90+ , then i tried with Vegeta and made it to 90+ faster .. but i was got over confident trying to finish the fight faster that id lose to some B.S xP When i finally did it once , i got the other on my first try
  2. SetsunaFSeiei
    07-21-2009 01:55 AM
    Ahaha same , i love Dynasty Warriors and many other Hack and Slash, and im working on another game that truly defines achievement : Ninja Gaiden 2 >3 I went through a period of achievement whoring , but i stopped, however the games are stuck on my list so to make up for it , im gonna get 1250 on Ninja Gaiden 2, if Burst Limits 1000 wasnt enough then this will blow them away xD

    I was probably like ... 5-10th to get 1000 in Burst limit , that was the only game i played when it came out , i was determined to get all those achievement >.< i played survival like 10 times
  3. Tricka21
    07-21-2009 01:42 AM
    Yeah cheers dude & I agree with you, X-Blades was quite easy, Pro mode felt like Normal mode to me but maybe that's because i'm a hack n slash Maestro XD also games like Gundam make you lose 2 weeks of your life which isn't cool lol

    regardless i'm still addicted to Koei games, have been for the past 11 years & shall remain so until the day I die.

    Again I agree with you on DBZ: Burst Limit that game truly defines the word achievement! hardly anyone has 1k on it & it feels great. I would of been 1st in the world but some guy beat me by literally like 5 mins but 2nd place is still cool
  4. SetsunaFSeiei
    07-21-2009 01:31 AM
    Oh ok , making sure , I fear that one day a user might just take your work , revise it alittle just to take a bit of credit n.n;

    Thanks , X Blades was pretty easy, however DW: Gundam 2 needed so much and probably still needs more xD

    Also were the only 2 users on x360a to have 1000 in Burst Limit :] (High Five)
  5. Tricka21
    07-21-2009 01:24 AM
    Yeah I got another message from another user urging me to submit the guide & as soon as it was adressed to my attention I done so I can't remember the exact date I submitted it but if you check the guide then it should show you the date of my last edit which was the day I submitted it, also i'd like to say great DW: Gundam2/X-Blades guides they were fantastic! I applaud you.
  6. SetsunaFSeiei
    07-20-2009 06:34 PM
    hey , wondering if you submitted that Warriors Orochi 2 guide to x360a , i didnt see it on the main site o.o

    (edit: judging from the comment on your page , id like to add, that IF you reply , click view conversation then post the reply , that way i get it in my notifications o.o)

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