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Where can I find a list of easy and hard achievement points?
The site maintains 4 lists on the forums. Quick 200, Tough 200, Quick 1000 and Tough 1000. Check these lists out for the easy and hard points that you were looking for.

Tough 1000's
Quick 1000's

Tough 200's
Quick 200's

General Japanese Xbox/Games FAQ
Japanese Xbox/Games FAQ:

Q: Why did you put this FAQ together?
A: I saw a couple of Japanese games that I really liked the look of, and decided that I wanted to figure out how to play them. It took me a good week of searching to get all of the answers that I needed. With this FAQ, I hope to make it easier for future Japanese Xbox 360 importers.

Q: Can I play Japanese Xbox 360 games on my American Xbox 360?
A: No, Japanese games are encoded NTSC J, while American Xboxes can only handle NTSC US/C

Q: How can I play Japanese 360 games?
A: You need to import a Japanese Xbox 360

Q: How do I import a Japanese 360?
A: I personally used the site, but I've also seen them on Ebay.

Q: Why do I want a Japanese 360?
A: To play those wonderfully quirky Japanese games! For the Gamerscore! Because it's Different!

Q: Where do I get Japanese games?
A: You can usually find them discounted on Ebay, but again, there's always

Q: I don't understand Japanese, how am I supposed to play these games?
A: You're a hardcore gamer right? You'll figure it out.

Q: Will a Japanese XBox 360 work on my TV?
A: So long as you own an NTSC television (if you live in the US or Canada, I can almost guarentee that you do) it will work.

Q: Do I need any special cables?
A: Yes and No. The Japanese 360 comes with a special Japanese HD (D-terminal) cable, but you can use the cables from either an existing 360 that you own, or you'll have to purchase a US cable to play in HD. The Japanese Xbox HD cable does have the composite jacks
(Red/White/Yellow cables)

Q: How do I get my gamer profile onto the Japanese 360 without losing my Gamerscore or restoring my gamertag everytime?
A: Easy, you can either store your profile on a memory card, or as I am doing, just switch the hard drive back and forth between your US Xbox and your Japanese Xbox.

Q: Do my XBLA games work on the Japanese 360?
A: Yes! I found that when I played them on my Japanese 360 they worked just fine. I even unlocked an achievement while using my Japanese 360.

Q: Will my US Games work on my Japanese 360?
A: Some will and some won't. There's a great compatiblity guide on that goes over what games work on what system.

Any other questions? Things I should add? Send me a message on XBL at FlyersFan20.
This Guide is property of James J. Greenwood, and should only be displayed at

PC Games, Achievements and System Requirements
Alright, there has been a large amount of people confused about the whole "Live Anywhere" / "Games for Windows" business, as well as achievements and Vista/System requirements for PC games. Here's the lowdown.

First, check out Microsoft's official Games for Windows site.

Then read on below for tips and information about this new system.

Common question about PC games and achievements.
+If a game has achievements, they will be Vista exclusive. They games may also run on XP, but you will not be able to get achievements unless it is installed on Vista. It will be labeled "Games for Windows - Live" on the box, and have a small tag on the back that says "Achievements" where it lists the number of players and things like that. (See list below)

+If a game is released for both the 360 and the PC, that does not mean they will be able to play against each other, nor does it mean the game will support achievements on the PC. (Lost Planet, for instance)

+If a game is labeled "PC DVD" that does not mean it is XP only, but there is no chance for it to have achievements. (Surf's Up, C&C 3, etc)

+You will get achievement points just like you would playing on your 360, and using the same Gamertag. Once you load up a game on Vista for the first time, you will have to do something similar to an account recovery that downloads your Gamerscore and all your information onto your PC. Mine took about ten minutes, but it will be shorter for people with less information (aka smaller gamerscores). To do this, you just sign in with your Windows Live ID (the hotmail e-mail account) and password. From then on you'll log in automatically. If you've lost that information, you'd best contact customer service and hope they can find it for you.

+You will use the same subscription and payment plans to play on Live as the normal 360 does. You can only play online with a Gold account (again, same as with the 360) but you can earn any offline achievements with a Silver account, while not logged into Live. You can buy subscription cards or use the free trial cards. Any time you have paid for on your normal 360 account will carry over to your PC account (and you can switch between the two at will). They are in essence the same exact account. Just think of it as playing on your tag, just on a different 360.

Running games on your PC (Vista/XP/System requirements).
+As stated above, if you'd like to earn achievements for PC games, you must upgrade to Windows Vista.

+There are cracks that will allow games designed only for Vista to run on XP; HOWEVER, I DO NOT SUGGEST USING THEM. For one, they mostly prohibit online play or unlocking of achievements, so there's little point to them anyway. Not to mention, they are highly illegal, very glitchy and extremely complicated. Just do the noble thing and get a better computer or upgrade to Vista.

+You must also have a fairly good computer. For instance, a stock Compaq will not run the games. Vista gives a "Windows Experience Index" to the parts of your computer (ranging from 1.0 - 5.9). These being: Processor, Memory, Graphics, Gaming Graphics and Primary Hard Disk. Your overall score is not a mean of these (as one would assume), but instead the lowest score of the five becomes your computer's base score. Example: four categories of 5.9, one category with 3.0 - your entire computer scores a 3.0, and might have trouble running games, though it depends highly on which category scored low.

+Games have a suggested base score to play, using your "Windows Experience Index" - I recently bought a stock Compaq (this one) because my old system's motherboard was too old to run Vista. That got a 3.0 score, because the graphics card was crap. I switched in a good card from my old system and got a 5.9 graphics rating with a 4.3 overall rating (ATI Radeon X800XL), and both Halo 2 and Shadowrun play great, even though Halo suggests a 5.0 overall score - my graphics score seems to make up for any loss in the other categories.

+I would recommend no less than 2.4 Ghz processor speed and 1GB of memory. Shadowrun says it requires 2GB RAM, though it works fine on my machine with only 1GB. I can only assume in the future games will require more and more high-end parts to function well. If you're thinking about getting into PC gaming, I would say go big or go home. If you lowball it, you're going to find yourself upgrading parts sooner rather than later.

Accessories on the PC

+You can use your wireless controller on your PC, but only if you buy the "Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows" and download the correct drivers for it.

+You can not use the "Xbox 360 Play & Charge Kit" to use your wireless controller. Vista only recognizes this as a power adapter, so it will only charge through your PC, not allow gameplay.

+You can use a normal wired controller, but you will have to download some drivers for it.

+Once you plug your headset into your controller, Xbox Live will recognize it and automatically set it up to work.

Final Suggestion.
To be safe, always read the back of the box you are about to buy. On the bottom where it would say the number of players and all that, it will specifically say "achievements" if the game supports achievements. I'll get a scan of one of my games up later so you can see what I mean. Also be sure to take note of the suggested system requirements. If yours are way lower than what it suggests, it may not play.

Current list of PC games with achievements (August 16th, 2007)
Click on each game to see recommended/required System Requirements to play.
The number in parentheses is the required "Windows Experience Index" to play.

+BioShock (?.?)
+Halo 2 (5.0)
+Shadowrun (4.0)


+Gears of War (?.?)
+Universe at War: Earth Assault (?.?)

A Word from the Pants.
If there are any more questions or anyone thinks of something I should add, or especially if someone knows that something I've stated is wrong, please don't hesitate to let me know. Hope this helps everyone!


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