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How do I add a gamercard to my signature?
To use them and more, just follow this link:
You will be asked to enter your gamertag and then pick which card you want and the code will be generated for you. If you want to use the Battle Cards, then you need to follow the link above and click the icon. Then enter both tags and pick the card you want.

You can also go to your User CP and edit your signiture and add in this code:
Replace the ##### with the number that is below the card you wish to use, and of course replace YOURTAG with Your Gamertag (Note: if you have spaces in your name, you must replace the spaces with a +).

23083 - Light

23082 - Dark

23081 - Team GS League

19984 - Achievement Unlocked

19985 - Achievement Unlocked

19986 - sig bar

27960 - w/Game Stats

28429 - w/Game Stats (sm)

49634 - BlackMetal

24023 - Battle Card

20512 - Red Vs Blue Battle Card**

** To use the battle card you must use this code
Replace ##### with the number that is below the card you wish to use, YOURTAG with Your Gamertag and OTHERTAG with your battle partner's tag. (Note: if you have spaces in your name, you must replace the spaces with a +).

How do I embed a YouTube clip?
You don't have to type [youtube]some youtube link[/youtube] anymore to make the video visible on the site. Our new script automatically does this for you, so you only have to type the link for it to work.

Currently working on the following sites:

- Amazon (Pretties up merchandise links)
- Bolt
- ClipFish
- Dailymotion
- FileCabi
- GameTrailers
- Google Video
- iFilm
- MetaCafe
- Myspacetv
- MyVideo
- Sevenload
- StreetFire
- Yahoo
- YouTube

How do I use the spoiler tags?
You have to specify an unique ID for every spoiler (see example three what happens if you don't).
The ID can be anything you'd like as long as no one else has already used it in that thread.

Note: It doesn't mean that an ID can just be used once in the whole forums. You can use the same ID in different threads.

PHP Code:
[spoiler=ID]This is a spoiler[/spoiler

Example one:
PHP Code:
[spoiler=test]This is a spoiler[/spoiler

Example two:
PHP Code:
[spoiler=abc]This is a spoiler
[spoiler=def]This is a spoiler inside a spoiler ;)[/spoiler]
Spoiler! (click here to reveal)

Example three:
This is what happens if several spoilers have the same ID (in this case, 123). As you can see, you can only open the first spoiler that has that ID.

PHP Code:
[spoiler=123]This is a spoiler[/spoiler]
spoiler=123]This is also a spoiler[/spoiler

Spoiler! (click here to reveal)

Example four:
If you don't give the spoiler any ID, the spoiler block won't appear.

PHP Code:
[spoiler]Spoiler without an unique ID[/spoiler
[spoiler]Spoiler without an unique ID[/spoiler]

How do I write and submit a guide?
Welcome to the Achievement Guide FAQ. This FAQ is designed to provide an organized and consolidated one-stop shop for those members of the great x360a community who are interested in writing or improving guides.

There are several steps to writing and submitting an achievement guide. The quick and dirty steps are below, followed by detailed instructions:

1 – Find a game where the guide does not exist or needs significant improvement.
2 – Post a message letting the group know that you are working on the guide for the game.
3 – Write and format the guide.
4 – Submit the guide.
5 – Receive thanks and signs of gratitude.

1 – Identify a need!

The four posts here contain lists of games needing guides. They are broken down into Arcade, Japanese, Retail, and Updates. The Updates post identifies games that have guides already posted, but that some members have found to be less helpful than others, or perhaps have been updated by the developer and as such have changed the methods to get certain achievements.

Look through the lists for a game that you have and that interests you. It should be a game that you are confident you will be able to get the achievements in without a large delay.

2 – Communicate!

Post a message in that thread letting Creech know that you are working on the guide, and he will update the list to reflect that. If you know of a game that you are passionate about but it is not on the list, go check the forum for guide in progress. Feel free to contribute to any guide in progress and to send in improvements to existing guides. The ultimate point of this concept for the site is to have the best possible guides for each game, and often that requires a collaborative effort!

If you run into circumstances that prevent you from completing a guide you started, or if it merely turns out you don’t want to, post a message i that thread letting Creech know and he will take you off the list.

3 – Git ‘er done!

The best way to write the guide is to start a thread in the forum and depending upon the number of achievements and how wordy you think you will be, create several posts after the first one as place holders. Then copy in the achievements in the order they are listed on the x360a main page, and start entering the steps to earning the achievements. It is very important to maintain the list in the same order as otherwise it makes Creech's life very difficult. You don’t want to make his life difficult, do you? We didn’t think so.

One of the advantages of posting the guide in the forum as you write it is that other members of the community can benefit immediately, plus some of them may have useful input to improve your guide before it is submitted (see collaboration comment above).

When writing the guide, ensure that you use proper grammar, full sentences, and provide all necessary information. The purpose of the guide should be to assist fellow gamers earn the achievements. You can assume a certain familiarity with general concepts (right trigger to shoot, for instance) but it is not generally a good idea to presume that everyone is an expert and knows the difference between the minutiae of the game. If it is a mission-oriented game (COD, for instance) strongly consider including a mission walkthrough for completion.

For some guides that I consider well done, look at Assault Heroes, BulletWitch, LOTR: BFME 2, and WSOP: TOC.

4 – Poke a fork in it!

When the guide is complete, you have a couple of choices to turn it in. The preferred method for short guides is to post a new thread in the Submit forum. If it is a very large guide, you can email it to us at submit[at] If you have problems with both of those methods, you can use this form or PM David Creech.

Please note that if you posted it in the forum and updated all changes there, then you only need to submit the link to that thread. There is no need to copy it all into a new thread and submit it again.

5 – Bring on the bling!

The guides on this site were written by gamers, for gamers. When you have three guides accepted and posted up on the site, you get a sweet award to show the rest of the site that you care about them and their success. Everyone needs some bling, right? Get yours here!

I like the look of the awards, how can I get one?
Awards are given to members who have done something proactive around the forums. For a full list of the awards, take a look at this list here

Any award, you will receive will be displayed under your avatar around the forums. The tournament awards are for doing well in site tournaments, but the other awards can be received from doing numerous tasks around the forums, what though? Well, take a look below for the run down...

Community Awards

1,000 Posts - The user has made 1,000 posts on the forum.

5,000 Posts - The user has made 5,000 posts on the forums.

10,000 Posts - The user has made 10,000 posts on the forums.

Achievement - Bronze - The user has submitted a missing achievement tile/game before anyone else for one game.

Achievement - Silver - The user has submitted 5 missing achievement tile/game before anyone else for one game. Must be 5 different games.

Achievement - Gold - The user has submitted 10 missing achievement tile/game before anyone else for one game. Must be 10 different games.

Donator - Level 1 - This user has donated between $1-49 to the site.

Donator - Level 2 - This user has donated between $50-99 to the site.

Donator - Level 3 - This user has donated between $100-149 to the site.

Donator - Level 4 - This user has donated $150+ to the site.

Achievement Guides - This user has submitted 3+ quality achievement guides that are on the front page.

Gamer chick - This user a female gamer.

NBA Live 1000 people online supporter - This user made history and was part of the x360a run event where a 1000 people needed to be online at the same time.

Word of Mouth - This member was recognised as actively promoting the site (referrals, XBL Motto, other popular forums, etc)

Bronze Subscriber - This user has signed up to support the site with a bronze monthly subscription.

Silver Subscriber - This user has signed up to support the site with a silver monthly subscription.

Gold Subscriber - This user has signed up to support the site with a gold monthly subscription.

Platinum Subscriber - This user has signed up to support the site with a platinum monthly subscription.

Member of the Month - This user was selected by x360a as MOM. Only for the creme de la creme.

Bright Idea - This user made a suggestion that the site adopted.

A++ Thread - This user has put an impressive amount of effort in to a thread that helps the users on the site.

More are added frequently, so watch this space.

What are these member rankings that I keep seeing?
Throughout the forums around x360a you will see a ranking under the titles of every member when they post. The rankings are tied to post count and the breakdown of moving ranks is below. These ranks mean nothing and are just for fun, all members are equal.



























What is an infraction and how do I avoid them?
An "Infraction" is a yellow card given to you by a moderator when the forum rules have not been followed. This is so the site can track how people post and then warn the people who don't post while acknowledging the rules. Notch up 3 in a short amount of time and you could be on for a ban. 3 strikes is a timeout. Read the section below to keep your time/spend your time at x360a infraction free.

How to Avoid Them.


1. Achievement Discussion. If you're asking about a specific achievement, this should clearly go in the Achievement Discussion thread. If you're asking about the length of time or difficulty of the achievements, again: Achievement Discussion thread. The following threads (or any variation) are all examples of threads that should not be made, but instead just throw a post in the Achievement Discussion thread.
  • How do you get "xxx" Achievement?
  • Question about "xxx" Achievement.
  • "xxx" Achievement not unlocking!
  • I think my "xxx" achievement is glitched.
  • Question about the DLC Achievements.
  • How long for the full 1000/200?
  • Are these achievements easy/hard?
2. Achievement Trading. If you're posting to say that you are going to setup a boosting party, that you need a boosting partner or that you're willing to help people get their achievements in co-op, all of these should go in the Achievement Trading thread. The following threads (or any variation) are all examples of threads that should not be made, but instead just throw a post in the Achievement Trading thread.
  • Boosting party up now!
  • Boost party on Friday at 8
  • Looking for co-op partner
  • Looking for boosting buddy
  • Help with Online Achievements?
3. Game Info. Any questions about the game's release (pre-street) or what people think about the game should go here. *If you're doing a poll or something, feel free to make another thread, but if you're just trying to find out what people think of the game, post in Game Info.
  • Any info on a release date? (Pre-release)
  • Do you think this will be good? (Pre-release)
  • Who is going to buy this? (Pre-release)
  • So what do you all think?
  • Who has this game?
  • How long is this game?
  • Is this game hard/easy?
  • Rent or Buy this game?
4. FAQs. The FAQs thread is for people to post confirmed things about the game that will be all in one place. It isn't for questions. If you know the confirmed answer to something that is asked quite a bit, please post the question and answer in the FAQs thread so that it can be added.

If any of these threads are closed, please post here.

The forums here aren't some big mystery, people. Everything is pretty laid out for you, and it's all there for a reason, so please use these threads and stop cluttering the forums.

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