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  1. BiggD
    Today 03:43 AM
    Thanks! I applied to five internships on Saturday night so I'm hoping at least two are interested and call back soon. If all else fails, I used sites like and to look for internships in and around the area, so you can always check those out if you're looking!

    LOL, "Kairi bans everyone." I totally forgot about your new Mod powers. People better watch out in that case DA is another series I'm stupidly jumping into late (if I end up getting it) because my gaming preferences don't make any sense When you do get around to it, let me know!
  2. BiggD
    Today 02:24 AM
    Ugh, work kept getting in the way whenever I went to respond to you. Luckily, today was my last day there. I'm kinda glad seeing as I'm not really interested in the law field anymore so working at a law firm was getting oh so boring But now I have to look for another job/internship! The struggle never ends!!!

    I went over to that thread to check the tags and LOL that's hilarious I know that feeling. I used to be the same way but lately I've jumped into series and totally neglected the earlier installments, lol. If you end up getting Dragon Age, let me know how it is! I want to get into more of those Western RPGs on the Xbox One, so DA is a game I might look into late next Spring when I have nothing to game.
  3. StolenPaper18
    Yesterday 04:30 AM
    Thank you!
  4. BiggD
    Yesterday 02:33 AM
    It's a good thing, don't worry And yeah, glad that is over though!

    I didn't realize you're in the current tourney. Good luck!! I caught the first round's rules and all I have to say is, "Yuck. Movie-games." LOL at that rate, you won't be done until like 2018. Absolute madness! Unfortunately, The Witcher will probably never come to the Xbox 360 :/ I say, screw it and buy the third at some point! I just caught a 35 minute gameplay demo and it looks great
  5. BiggD
    Yesterday 01:53 AM
    We all can be at times. I remember when I transferred colleges two years back, I took five summer courses within a single summer in order to make up for lack of transfer credit. It was a rough summer doing that and working nearly full-time hours at the same time!

    It's a great book - easy read, alotta adventure and action and makes you laugh. You'll love it! Yeah, there's tons of stuff I never got around to on the Xbox 360 but I've given up At this point, I think I'm content with what I've played and am ready to focus on my Xbox now. Speaking of which, since I know you enjoy RPGs, do you like The Witcher or have any thoughts towards getting The Witcher 3?!
  6. HadMatters13
    08-19-2014 07:10 AM
    [These little guys wanted the fifth one all to themselves. ]

    We'll have to add it to Rx's list. That doesn't sound good. Did you get it sorted out okay in the end? It does sound really awesome that it's going to be the City of Culture. I guess it's going to be considerably busier when that time comes.

    Haha! Yeah, those starter kits get you hooked on how good the product is, but before you know it, it's all gone and they want loads for the refill packs.
  7. HadMatters13
    08-19-2014 07:09 AM
    Well, we're definitely going to have to have a huge party to mark the occasion. I don't think we've had a staff member in triple digits before. You're probably right there, because if you want to know something that badly, there's the message function which has served the purpose quite admirably since the dawn of the website.

    A character limit makes sense, because it becomes so easy to draw everything out and end up writing so much. I guess it gets you to prioritise information too. There were a couple of things I would've liked to include, but couldn't. I think I got all the important stuff in though. It was always funny hearing people complaining in September that 4,000 characters was far too much and they'd never be able to fill that. Then comes December and the same people trying to knock 700 characters out to get it to fit.
  8. HadMatters13
    08-19-2014 07:09 AM
    Haha! That's actually the best connection I could come up with too, but it's still pretty far fetched. I fully agree, nothing else about that says happy birthday. The fact that it was in a classroom, and taken by the college (fun fact: in my maths classroom ), should've been clues enough. I think the most disappointing part is that they only wished me a happy birthday, on my actual birthday two months ago... then maybe the fact that I've known them pretty much my whole life. XD

    I saw some of those posts too, but generally stayed away from the results' day reactions. I agree, they're so stupid. But the best one that I saw was "Harry Potter failed his NEWTs, but still managed to defeat the greatest dark wizard of all time. You'll be okay!" That one is allowed because it's Harry Potter. XD I think the real winners are those that don't have to announce they got an E and two Us every time they apply for a job in the future.
  9. HadMatters13
    08-19-2014 07:09 AM
    That's the same with me. People who add you from secondary school, but you don't even need fingers to count how many times they've actually spoken to you on there. Half the time i think it's just to make the friend counter go up; like counters for anything, people always try to get them as high as possible. I think I've posted two things directly to Facepalm in the last 2 years. Before last August I had it set so that my tweets went onto there automatically as I used Twitter more. I stopped that in the end though, and now even that lays pretty much abandoned as well.

    They went from England to Germany, and I honestly think if you printed out all the pictures, you could make a pretty good flip book of the journey. Oh wow. Why would anyone tag people in pictures like that? especially pedobear! Did you tell them to stop?
  10. HadMatters13
    08-19-2014 07:08 AM
    Haha, no it's probably not the best idea to eat it all, especially if that involves a refil. That's pretty cool you're allowed free refills though. I don't think the cinema near me offers that; they probably charge for even looking at the snack counter even if you don't buy anything. I've always found you get some funny looks if you don't. I don't blame you for taking the extra home. You've paid for it, and they'll only throw it away, so you may as well.

    That's always a possibility with Wikipedia, but I think that is legit. The references to things like pink and other non-orange colours are too consistent throughout the articles for it to have gone unnoticed as an incorrect edit I think.

    I don't understand it either. To tell the truth I'd have much more fun sitting in a cafe talking over a coffee than going out partying and spending the next day trying to recover. Like one of my other friends then said, at least you can hear what they're telling you. XD

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