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  1. TVthePunisher
    Today 05:25 AM

    Check it out! =) haha...Groot cupcakes.
  2. TVthePunisher
    Today 03:56 AM
    HOLY CRAP, 11!!!! Not counting this one of course but...Haha...wooowwwww...hope you can navigate all those and understand which I was replying to =X I won't be as confusing next time, promise ;D
  3. TVthePunisher
    Today 03:55 AM
    (VM2P1) Oh yes, if you wanted to teach me Japanese I am open to learning! "Sensei"...=P bahaha general terms I know, just not much outside of stuff you hear anime fans talking about. Even then, I'm not fully in one court...if you get my drift. There are some people who are full on gamers, some who are full on anime fans, full on sports fans, full on workaholics, full on TV junkies...I'm a Jack of all trades but at the same time, if you look at me like one of those "character skill graphics" like some manga incorporate I've got color about halfway into each category around me. Balanced. Though a few options are lower than the rest ;>_> while I can watch sports, I don't know a great deal about them.

    (Alright, I think I got them all, let's see how many VMs this is! Plus...I won't do random order next time haha...probably reverse or regular order ;>_> this would be tough to keep track of in the future.)
  4. TVthePunisher
    Today 03:54 AM
    (VM3P2) I too am an avid reader so I enjoy reading each of your responses =) in fact, I became a pretty big editor of a couple of Wikis back a few years ago from the Dexter Wiki to the Syphon Filter and Hannibal Wiki. Unfortunately...I eventually moved on. I even became administrator for a few of them haha...but it kept my writing fresh, so many character articles created soley by me. Oh this thing is real good but I need to stop eating it...I keep taking bites and I'm just going to make myself sick T___T tooo-muuuuch-fooooodddd!!
  5. TVthePunisher
    Today 03:53 AM
    I had to use a turbo controller for the 360 version. All its for is completion though, getting the last Cheato page from her. But she's so cheap in that race...I literally left her trapped in the toxic-gas filled mine one playthrough just because I did NOT like this character at all X___X;

    (Haha I'm trying not to repeat paragraphs going in this random order X_X aaaaaaaahh)
  6. TVthePunisher
    Today 03:52 AM
    I'm right there with you on getting games for cheaper, I'm STILL WAITING on Portal 1 to go back on sale. But it still hasn't >=/ I refuse to buy it at full price. As for Canary Mary...ugh, well there's this mini-game of sorts where you have to race her on a mine-cart in the second level of the game. That's not so difficult, you just have to press the A button a lot of times while keeping up with her pace (otherwise she speeds passed you and it's near impossible to win). The problem comes in during the last level of the game, where she makes a reappearance if you beat her earlier on. The first race isn't so bad but the second is near impossible. Near the end she ALWAYS cheats to super speed passed you and I've only ever beaten her once, legit, on the N64.
  7. TVthePunisher
    Today 03:52 AM
    (VM4P1) It actually is kind of sad lmao. Well I always picture it this way - the little penguins in the second world, you have to kill like 5 of them for a puzzle later on in the level. But there's so much snowing going on and you see this little dead penguin robot laying in the snow...I don't know, it touches my emotional side a bit about lonely sadness =/. But it's also crazy fun too when you get ahold of something like the Rocket Dog (it is this racing dog, which is a motorized dog with wheeled feet and has rocket launchers attached to its back) or the Rocket Husky. Just riding around blowing up the other animals is a blast. It's tough though, in the later levels especially...but still enjoyable.
  8. TVthePunisher
    Today 03:51 AM
    (VM1P2) I chose this paragraph because of my mention of Michigan haha. My Dad hates Michigan ;>_> j/k mainly the sports teams, since he was born in Ohio and is all behind the Browns/Cavilers. I've known a few people who have lived in Michigan and I wouldn't mind visiting there myself. Most of my family is up north, Barberton Ohio a tiny ways outside of Akron and a little further from Cleveland. My immediate family, being my two sisters, are in Alabama...where I spent most of my life until I met my ex-wife via Myspace (x.x) and ended up here. Now I just want to get away...but my boy's here and I love him to death. Kentucky sucks though, not somewhere I want to stay. At least you love Michigan ^_^
  9. TVthePunisher
    Today 03:50 AM
    The collection screen, with the say "500/500" for Gems and such on items. For me I had that resemble having 1000/1000 felt like completing a world in Spyro =) at least until I got to 100K...;>___> then I sort of stopped haha.

    Wait WHAAAT?! They have an import retro store?! Oh man that sounds sooo cool >__< I'd love something like that, no everything they've got around Kentucky/Indiana is US stuff. Maybe once I saw some PAL DVDs but that's about it. I've always wanted a Japanese Xbox myself, to play various retail games again for the full gamerscore but I never got the chance =/ ugh...sounds like Michigan is a place I want to go to now lol
  10. TVthePunisher
    Today 03:50 AM
    (VM3P1) Ah I can still remember when I first got into Spyro. It was after a bowling tournament where my Dad entered and the prize (for everyone who participated) was either three games for the PS1 or a PS1 + demo disc. I obviously got the PS1 + demo disc which featured demos for Spyro the Dragon and Syphon Filter (I made a video on my youtube showing off the disc, Interactive Sampler Disc Vol 10 =D). I played through that demo so many times...when I finally got the real game, I was confused about the differences of some world portals as well as having more access in the full game haha...I was young, I didn't know any better.

    I've played through each of the Spyro games multiple times, always getting the gems and Dragons/Orbs/Eggs each time. In fact I often relate my achievement hunting to the Spyro the Dragon series.

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