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  1. BiggD
    Today 01:22 AM
    P.S. Here's that thread I was talking about

    It used to be SUPER long with thousands of replies worth of awesome discussion, but the mods ended up cleaning it up and locking it, wiping all the posts that weren't a Top 10/5 list.
  2. BiggD
    Today 01:12 AM
    Ahh, I remember Fake Papers. I failed that quest too until I reloaded a previous save and just refused to even accept the quest in the first place And Gangs of Novigrad…hmm, it might have failed due to completing a main story quest without ever speaking to Cleaver? Either way, I think that quest was just to use Cleaver’s men as backup when you were entering the Inn and Arena for Djikstra’s quest. Another failed quest I have in my log is called Cave of Dreams (or something like that). It’s an odd glitch in that you automatically fail it after compelting it due to some character complications with the story. It’s kinda odd but has no real effect on anything! The quest itself is also really cool.
  3. BiggD
    Today 01:11 AM
    It’s funny you say that about settling down with Yen and retiring, because… And Ugly Baby! Hahah, I love that quest name. So you still haven’t gone to the Isle of Mists, right? Remember to let me know when you do and how you react during the “cabin” cutscene. That one REALLY got to me. I have no idea why. But it almost broke me… I want to see if you're stronger than me at keeping your shit together at that moment in the game
  4. BiggD
    Today 01:11 AM
    Wow. Going back into my head and thinking about these two shooters (TNO and Metros) really makes me appreciate the teams that made them. I love video games. I love good video games!

    Oh, dammit! I tried winging it too and still ended up having to fight him, LOL I must have chosen the more aggressive approach to conversation. Man, I’m so jealous of the way you approached that quest. It really does sound awesome. I can’t believe Hubert was a damn Vampire the whole time, too. What a sneak!! I can’t believe he’s still alive in y playthrough…somewhere in the world
  5. BiggD
    Today 01:10 AM
    And I don’t even know where to begin spilling my thoughts and feelings on Metro. The games are so well done. Quite literally the most atmospheric games I’ve played. I felt the cold, musty cobwebs and the dark, quiet whispers when exploring those tunnels. The foggy passageways, the tension as you scramble for ammo and a spare filter when venturing above ground. The howls of monsters and the gasps and cries and men, women and children. It’s such a damn good series. And the Dark Ones? Amazing concept with who they are and what they stand for in the world. I will never forget doing a clean run of Metro Last Light…and Artyom goes to reach for the detonator…and the Little Dark One comes out of nowhere, touched his hand, and calmly advises, “No need for that now, Artyom.” And then he summons the Dark Ones and they destroy the Communist opposition. Oh, man. The Metro games – both of them - are another great part of the Xbox One experience.
  6. BiggD
    Today 01:10 AM
    AH!!! Oh my god, I’m nerding out right now At the end, when Anya exits the elevator and BJ stays behind to kill Deathshead. The elevator is opened just a little bit and Anya reaches for BJ and says: “We’ll get you out of there. We’ll go somewhere. I believe there are still places on this earth where people can go. And live happy.” BJ responds calmly with: “I believe so too. But not for me and you.” And then the elevator collapses and they don’t see each other again. AND THE ENDING, TOO! Ohhhhhhhh myyyyyy. Spiral, you don’t understand how much I love TNO! It’s bloody AWESOME!!!!!!! TOB is just as good! Its ending is amazing given how it's literally a direct prequel to TNO. And BJ's monologues at the end make so much sense in how TNO begins (if you remember)!!
  7. BiggD
    Today 01:09 AM
    I still remember so many of BJ’s lines that really stuck out to me. For example, there’s one scene where he has a Nazi commander in his car, and knocks him out. He then drags the Nazi to Anya’s grandparents and the grandmother begins to cry hysterically and slap the solider. Cue the really sad score in the background and BJ just stands there watching and his monologue goes exactly like this: “And they grieve for their dead. Such raw sorrow. Can’t partake. Mine would flood oceans. It would drown me. If I let it out.” It’s just…so poetic. Those choppy lines. Straight to the point. No playing with words. The writing is beautiful and the acting is outstanding. Brian Bloom is such a good voice actor!!!
  8. BiggD
    Today 01:08 AM
    I try to be the same way but at times I can’t help but compare games if I’m playing them back to back and they share the same genre. For instance, playing two stealth games back to back and not being able to help myself in comparing them! It’s a bad habit but only happens when they’re played so close to each other; which doesn’t happen too often.

    BJ’s monologues were actually one of the very first reasons why I loved Wolfenstein so much. I don’t know if you were around the site when I made a really huge thread of “Top 10 Games of the 7th Generation,” but in that thread, a bunch of people listed off and described their favorite games of 7th gen. At the top of my list was Max Payne 3 and a huge reason I loved that game so much was the narrative and writing of the monologue’s Max Payne presented, just like BJ.
  9. BiggD
    Today 01:08 AM
    Hmm, well aside from the Gwent cards, which I don’t really consider collectibles, I’d say Witcher 3 steers clear of them. And I agree – the Witcher Gear is definitely something that’s so rewarding given that it not only has some of the best stats in the game, but it makes logical sense seeing Geralt is a Witcher and they all look so cool! Especially Wolf armor

    I’ve played far too many games with pointless collectibles. Far Cry and its useless letters and relics, Saints Row with it’s absurd data clusters (which were the only way to upgrade skills), and far too many other games. Unfortunately, even Dragon Age: Inquisition had too many fetch quests and really crappy collectibles :/ I’m just glad games like Skyrim, Fallout, and Witcher do them right (in the case where they do have them).
  10. BiggD
    Today 01:07 AM
    I’m actually not even sure if they’re currently working on it. I’d like to believe their studio is split up between supporting Witcher 3 and making the expansions (since they claimed development for those would start once the main game was out) and then the other half of the studio is working on the build of Cyberpunk. Either way, their studio is kinda small so it’ll definitely be a while before we both hear and then finally see Cyberpunk come out. Sad to say we may not see another Witcher game for another 6+ years then I’m kinda okay with that, but I am also NOT OKAY WITH THAT!!

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